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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Sep 19, 2008 17:49 Flag

    A win's a win

    Mike, you do exaggerate - they only beat Hull 5-0 ;)

    Thanks for that Rambr0, I'd picked up bits & pieces from highlights & the like, but your analysis seems pretty different. Bear in mind with King that he's not played for a while, so is likely to be rusty, I think he's intended to be used as a 3rd choice CB for busy periods. However, if he's not up to the partnership perhaps we could employ him as a defensive midfielder? I think putting him out to pasture is a bit extreme, he's still better than half our first team!

    Oh, unrelated, but did anyone else notice that on Monday Woodgate kept the captain's armband when Jenas came on? That's a bit cheeky!

    I think the difference with a win in a cup is that there's a bit more of a buzz about it, hopefully it'll make more of a difference than a one-off win in the league. I reckon/hope this is the start of the turn, it might be enough to remind the team that actually Wigan at home should be a no-brainer, not so much get their confidence up as their faith in the team. We'll see on Sunday I suppose...