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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Sep 19, 2008 06:48 Flag

    A win's a win

    Not very impressive (except in snatches), but we'll take it.

    Defiintely went to sleep after the first goal, I'd actually feel confident for the second leg if it were a 2-0 rather than a 2-1 victory, but as I said, a win's a win.

    Now the breakdown, no, I wont bore you.

    Yes I will; Bently...ok, he opened the scoring, but WTF is going on with his free-kicks and corners...you've got to towering CB's lumbering into the oppositions penalty box, and you keep whipping belly button to chest high corners in that never clear the first defender. Some of the crosses where shoddy at best, horrendous at worse.

    Lennon was industrious and shouldn't have been taken off, however O'Hara probably should've started. dos Santos seemed a bit out of his depth, he needs to get back to basics and stop with the party trick attempts (or he'll be counting fresh stud marks weekly).

    Zokora only woke up after he got caught napping on the equaliser (and got switched to RB).

    BAE - his only worth was that he could clear left-footed when in the deep left corner (they played him as a right footer).

    Campbell - had some nice touches, including setting up the winner

    Bent - worked hard; one day his teammates will play the balls to him that he thrives on...he's not a target man, he's a play off the last defendr's hip type striker, that said, the goal that was ruled out was absolute magic and he should've had a brace. The interplay and movement on that disallowed goal give me hope for the future.

    I never thought I'd say this, but I think Ledders should be put out to pasture...he's lost his pace and his jumping ability (he did use superior positioning to snuff out a charge or two)

    Woodgate was solid and made at least one goal-saving tackle.

    Ban Gomez from kicking any ball...was he on drugs or what! (Mainly from back passes...I hate the way that he seems to feel like he has to take a touch to his right before screwing the ball wide)

    But...a win's a win

    (Jenas did his usual now you see me now you don't, so nothing new to add about his performance...just give him back the free-kick responsibility

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    • Thanks Rambr0. Am seriously pi$$ed off I couldn't watch it on the box - bl00dy Setanta. It's bad enough I have to pay for Sky to watch a lot of footie, but this is one too much for me. Still, money talks in today's game and tough luck to those of us who can't afford it/won't pay the exhorbitant prices. OK, rant over.

      I still reckon JR is a fair way from finding the right team to take us forward, and shame Modric was injured so early on in the AV match on Monday. Hopefully he'll be fit sooner rather than later, ditto Hutton although I believe that's a longer term injury. So far so good with Woody though - long may that continue, and glad he kept the captain's armband on JJ's arrival - if you've got it to start with no point in giving it up unless you're subbed is my view.

      I saw a load of noisy Rizla supporters in Trafalgar Square on my way to work yesterday afternoon (foreign fans whose teams are playing London clubs usually congregate there or around Eros at Piccadilly Circus so I can't avoid them) - shame I didn't have any Spurs kit with me or I'd have given them a run for their money :-)

      Am hoping we do well v Wigan on Sunday, and have to say that on his form so far this season I don't reckon Heskey would have been a bad buy for us. Too late now, so hope that between them Bent, Pav and Campbell come up with the goods.

    • Finally,lets hope our season is on its way.Not the most stylish of wins but as you say a win's a win.Definately don't see Bale as a left back,as he does'nt always pick his man up,although he's good at getting forward so definately midfield only.Shame deadly Ledly seamed to tire at the end.Liked the look of Cambell,think he can be good for us?Would like to see him and Pavlychenco against Wigan sunday with Dos santos just behind with his pase and ability to take players on,feel we should get something out of this one.I'M sure if we can all get POSSITVE together we can only go ONWARDS and UPWARDS COYS

    • agree 100% with the analysis RAMBRO.

      If Ledley cant play week in week out, there will be no stability or consistency at the back. Corluka can play CB, I think we should be using him there with Woodgate on Sunday.

      Gomes seems to be a decent shot stopper (Hoping villa blunder was an exception ;-) ), but distribution is poor.

      Bentley was hot and cold. I dont know if he was trying to hard, you could see what it meant to him when we scored our goals.

      I am concerned about our lightweight midfield, and I think half of our defensive frailties stem from midfielders not supporting the defence. Jenas and Zokora do not seem to work well together.

      My team for Sunday would be
      Gomes, Bale, Corluka, Woodgate, Zokora (RB), Lennon, Bentley, O'Hara, Jenas, Pavlyuchenko and Campbell.

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      • Mike, you do exaggerate - they only beat Hull 5-0 ;)

        Thanks for that Rambr0, I'd picked up bits & pieces from highlights & the like, but your analysis seems pretty different. Bear in mind with King that he's not played for a while, so is likely to be rusty, I think he's intended to be used as a 3rd choice CB for busy periods. However, if he's not up to the partnership perhaps we could employ him as a defensive midfielder? I think putting him out to pasture is a bit extreme, he's still better than half our first team!

        Oh, unrelated, but did anyone else notice that on Monday Woodgate kept the captain's armband when Jenas came on? That's a bit cheeky!

        I think the difference with a win in a cup is that there's a bit more of a buzz about it, hopefully it'll make more of a difference than a one-off win in the league. I reckon/hope this is the start of the turn, it might be enough to remind the team that actually Wigan at home should be a no-brainer, not so much get their confidence up as their faith in the team. We'll see on Sunday I suppose...

    • Didnt see the game so thanks for the rundown RAM.
      I'd have preferred top go the theirs without concedeing the away goal but if you'd have offered me a win in any fashion before the game I'd have bitten your hand off!
      So do we use this as a springboard? Go on and beat Wigan on Sunday? Frankly a game most home clubs would see as a sure 3 pointer. Bruce is no chump and will use his wingers and Heskey to good effect. Have we turned enough of a corner to feel confident?

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      • Not sure if we have turned that corner just yet Essex,

        There will still be many corners to turn, many obstacles to overcome before we get back on track - I mean even if we do beat Wigan on Sunday, there is a good chance that we will be in the bottom three or still bottom by 5:45 Sunday evening.

        Not so sure about Wigan, they did put 6 past Hull recently - so again I will settle for a sneaky win against them, whatever the scoreline!!

        Before the season started I would say that playing against Wigan at WHL would have been a guaranteed home-banker, but after our abysmal start to this season nothing is certain as far as Spurs are concerned anymore!!