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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Sep 21, 2008 18:04 Flag

    ramo to leave soon....

    oi derek, just read your post on the arsenal board, very noble and honest and i appreciate that, yeah...i know......i,m constantly on here winding up the spurs faithful, but mostly because they refuse to admit what is obvious to most, arsenal ARE a FANTASTIC team, been so since wenger has been around and i count myself lucky right now, i,ve ALWAYS followed them, through thick and thin, even when you spurs lot had the upper hand and you did and i had my share of pee taken, my brother is an avid yidd and i was sat next to him when you beat us 5-1 and i took it and shook his hand and bought him a beer, i was also sat next to him when gascoigne scored "that" free kick in the semi-final, i,ll be on here again,taking the mick, i find it highly amusing as did me bro in his better spurs days, as far as i,m concerned thats part of football, i dont call people names on here, i dont get personal, unless people do me, i know you yiddos dislike me, i dont blame you, i dont care, at the end of the day, there is FAR more important things in life than poxy football, its only a game, "circus and wine" when spurs do get there act together and i think you are it will only ADD to the enjoyment more, until then, i,ll pipe on about arsenal, nothing lasts, you,ll have your day and then i,ll bugger off and hide under a blanket!! lol!! nothing like a spurs v arsenal match for me,if your fortunate enough to attend one your hair will stand up on yer neck, good stuff, long may it last!! cmon you reds!!!!

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    • p.s. i have been fortunate enough to sit INSIDE stadia and watch great players too, just for you.......hoddle, waddle, gascoigne, lineker and campell amongst em, all yiddos and truly GREAT players...there yer go...yer right.......it doesnt hurt.....ouch, did i actually post that??