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    So its a draw & two points dropped!!

    Disappointing to to say the least, we could not even beat Wigan at home!!.

    I suppose that looking on the bright side at least we kept a clean sheet!!

    But if we can't beat Wigan at White Hart Lane, then who can we beat?

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    • I agree - in those immortal words 'the team's too good to go down'.

      Wendy may become another Martin Jol once the team gels - there's no way of knowing. What worries me, is a reaction from the board akin to the banking fiasco at the moment. Its amazing how much of the world is actually held together by belief (I swear planes only fly because we have all been told they do and so we believe it - ditto for ships - try this - take a lump of metal weighing no more than 1 ounce - throw it in the air. Does it fly? Nooooooo. Throw it in water. Does it float? Noooooo) - sorry, I digress.
      I just worry given the past history of the board. And as with any large financial organization just the thought of losing n% of your revenue is enough for the panic to set in. And then the effect of disbelief sets in - all the good players suddenly become crap, a good manager is an ass. Wholesale changes occur - and the effect of the disbelief is to then trigger a further downward spiral.

      So, on the upbeat note - NOW is the time to be ultra positive. The players are good quality - Dawson is - he's just lost that belief (as did Robinson) - the manager is good quality. Even Ghaly played well for us in the past. Huddlestone has the ability to be one of the top midfielders in the country. Bale is outstanding. Hutton looked total class. Woody is solid. Even Jenas who I thought was too lightweight, came into his own at the end of last season. Build them up. Get that belief back into the team. Boo'ing only fuels the negativity - cheer on the good bits, and sing abuse at the opposition during the bad. Don't turn on the team.

    • Much as I'd like to think positive about the upcoming games Mike I have to agree that the next few weeks look bleak.

      Pompey will be smarting from their drubbing at Middle Eastlands today and will be pumped up. I'm hoping to get to that game but am still waiting to hear whether I've got tickets (I applied via the Spurs online ticketing system but not sure I'll be successful given it's next Sunday).

      As you say, we can't afford to be complacent about either Hull or Stoke as we've learned to our cost in the recent past that we ignore newly-promoted clubs at our peril.

      I'm hoping we get it together enough by the Ar5ena1 game to put up a good fight, even in their own backyard. We can but hope.

    • Mike, as a gooner I can say that even if you lot got relegated with the lowest points tally in premiership history I would still rather play anyone else but spurs away or even at home for that matter. We've had the rub of the green against spurs in recent seasons bar the carling cup but if there's one game that you'll be up for more than any, its arsenal and Id rather we played you after you've had a good run of results than playing you as a wounded animal, because you'll have so much more to prove. You were a penalty save away from getting a win at the emirates last season, and I still think you've got a good team, its just going to take time to gel. I dont think you'll end up in the top 5 this season, but I can see you finishing strongly and with a few decent signings in january and the following summer you could be fighting for a cl spot, just make sure its liverpools'!

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      • Considering the bad start u guys have had - I still don't think you would get relegated - let me make a prediction and we can watch and see if i'm anywhere close; come the end of the season.

        Spurs to get either between 46-55 points or 12th-14th spot - btw u do know u have Newcastle coming up next in the Carling cup so that should give you lot a rough idea of where u stand. As Newcastle is a win for the taking ever since they lost to us and Keegan left. If your team don't show any backbone in that game it may end up being a long long season for u lot. Also would you like any of those predictions i have made? honest and serious debating here - im not being smug or trying to wind u lot up. Cheers and best of luck, except of course against us:)

    • Our next 5 league games are as followed..

      Pompey ( A ) 28th September
      Hull City ( H ) 5th October
      Stoke City ( A ) 19th October
      Bolton ( H ) 25th October
      Arsenal ( A ) 29th October

      If recent form is anything to go by..

      Pompey are playing well at Fratton Park ( not withstanding their 6-0 loss against Man City ) we may struggle to get any favourable result against them at Fratton Park.

      Hull City are the surprise package in the EPL this season and have shown that they can spring a surprise or two with a win at St James's.

      Stoke City are like Hull in the fact that they cannot be underestimated, a draw away at Anfield is a good result for any team.

      Bolton? Huh!! We may get our first win against them... they are probably no better then we are at the moment.

      Arsenal? OMG!! What can I say? I don't like to heap any praises on them, but we could be on the wrong end of a humiliating scoreline against the goons!!!

      I'm afraid it doesn't make good reading folks!!!

    • im pissed off with all these poor performances and shit it looks like we r going back a couple of decades .i was listening to channel five on the radio and the guy was saying about MJ how can u get rid of a manager who has had 2 fith placed finishes brought entertaining football back to the lane and then go sack him. and look where he is now top of the table with hamburg in germany a spot they have not occupied in 9 years