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  • Jlock Jlock Sep 22, 2008 15:24 Flag

    So its a draw & two points dropped!!

    What really scares me this season - is last season..

    The only thing between us and the rekegation zone last season was Keane and Berbatov.

    It loses me that we lose 10 first team players, bring in an equal amount and then don't expect absolute chaos. Malbranque was (IMHO) one of our best midfielders last season - so we let him go. Keane and Berbatov had a proven record of scoring goals (as did Defoe) and we let all three go within a season.

    I personally still don't think players turn bad overnight either, Robinson was never a bad keeper, nor is Dawson a bad centre back (weren't they borth playing regularly in the two 5th positions?). The whole team now looks poor, as since the start of the season we haven't played a consistent team.

    Hopefully, that will come in the next few months.
    I was not for Jol going (and thought that was an appalling act by the board) - and in the same vein, I'm for giving Wendy Ramos time to prove the team - but I can't see the board letting the situation continue past the end of October/mid November.

    That wasn't meant to be as gloomy as it reads - the building blocks are there, we just need a consistent team selection with one or two people stepping up and inspiring the team.

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    • Good post John,

      I agree that the building blocks are there, but before we start to build we have to have a solid foundation ie: a good solid defence on which to build the team upon.

      As a comparable at the moment it is like Spurs are occupying an earthquake/disaster zone ie:- its no good having a solid foundation and the necessary building blocks if everything comes-a-tumbling down after a disappointing result or two.

      It's true that Keane, Berbatov & Defoe have an excellent goalscoring record between all of them for Spurs.. but they have gone now, we survived before they came along and we will do so again.

      I think that everyone agrees ( even the few decent gooners who posted their threads on here ) that we will eventually work our way up the EPL table.. it just takes time, and perhaps a little bit of faith!!