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  • Jlock Jlock Sep 22, 2008 17:11 Flag

    Deseverdly Bottom?

    Every position is in a way deserved. You don't get 1st place without deserving it, nor 5th.
    If a bottom team plays better than it should you get that 'oh, its a false position, they're playing above their ability'. No. They just at that point believe they can do it.
    We just don't have that necessary belief - that's where we need Wendy to prove his worth. The rumours then in the paper about him leaving then doesn't help either. At this point we need stability and belief that we can outplay and outclass the opposition. We can, we will. Modric will shine. Zokora will get a hat trick. Bale will become so good he'll discover a Brazilian great-grandfather and change nationalities. Jenas will shed his skin of invisibility and suddenly glow in the light of his team mates. A golden glow... that will inspire the team higher, which in turn will make him shine more until he blinds the world with his dazzling brilliance. Huddlestone will become (?) a giant amongst men. He was born to lead. He will grow another 2 foot, and look down on the world of mortal men....The once and future King Of White Hart Lane...

    Sorry, I watched Lord Of The Rings over the weekend and got carried away a bit....