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  • Carried away a bit????!!!!!

    What do you guys think a realistic league finish would be for you this season, given the start Villa and City have had?

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    • Poetic licence...

      Given the table at the moment - WHU at 6th looks a tough call - that means in effect winning 3 more games .. the band 7 down looks achievable at this early stage (with 2 more wins), but I think that the team needs then to gain that 'belief' now. Wendy's '...it may take 12, 15 games..' would make just avoiding relegation a bonus. Man U can and will turn their season around - you know they really believe their a top 3 if not the top club.
      MJ gave the belief to the team that they weren't a mid table bunch - and once they got a couple of wins playing good football - hey presto, that's what they became.

      I personally think that the position come mid November will be a fair indication of what we're capable of (not an indication of final position!). A good run now and we'll sit mid/upper table, then pressing on after Christmas to hit 7-8th (and maybe with a bit of luck 6th).