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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Sep 27, 2008 01:13 Flag

    stand up for martin jol

    Apologies P..., as has been explained elsewhere there have been a lot of arseholes lately and I think we've all about had our fill of them. I have absoutely no problem with you having a different opinion, in fact I enjoy the debate it brings, but a lot of people have been coming onto these boards and stirring or getting abusive, it gets difficult to weed through the crap and see the genuine posts when there are perceived inconsistencies and I'd just had my fill of the shit.

    I humbly apologise, and welcome to the debate! You'll have to forgive Irons, he's a Hammer, what can you expect? ;)

    I know not everyone thought Jol was all that (I obviously think you're all wrong and if he was given anywhere near the freedom Ramos has had we'd be looking at the CL now), but my thoughts are regardless of your opinion about where he could or couldn't have taken us, he had the squad playing as a proper team for the first time in years, and was even if he couldn't taken us to the next level he was perfect for bringing us to UEFA places. The fact that he also brought in exciting attractive football was a welcome bonus.