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  • McMullan McMullan Sep 24, 2008 03:32 Flag

    Have you noticed?

    That us Hammers don't have a bad word to say about out Lillywhite cousins?

    We have just had a couple of years of shit football under a manager we couldn't stand.

    We've got a couple more now from a 'fly by night'.

    Apart from the obvious rows we have always loved you.

    By the way Alf, do you want to double the bet?


    Soppy xxxx

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    • good man.....from an outsiders view, i dont like to see what is happening with the lilleys.......
      ok we can look back on lasagnegate and chuckle a little but that was then and this is now........
      you have a good team with a good manager, something that is not common in the league at present......
      the lack of communication between players looks to be a mainstay in the problems you are now facing, it also doesnt help with the player turn around....

    • What drugs are you lot on...I want some!!

      Seriously though, I agree with all the above (I remember Soppy [I think] telling me ease up on the use of the term "Wet Spam" (I was new...came over from the fantasy board which can be a bit coarse). As time went by I noticed the pattern of good sense posts from non-Spurs fans and thought, ok, I need to ratchet my act down a bit (of course I still talk a bunch of shite at times, but, some things don't change over night).

      In my formative years I'd find my self over at Upton Park (I remember a particularly frigid mid-week game against Sheffield United in the Tony Currie days...yes folks, I've been around when dirt was new...and thinking to myself, the things I do for my mates, Spa...er...Hammers fans the lot of 'em...wink). It's actually weird to see one of the guys who used to hang out with us has just had a film made about his life (you know who I'm talking about).

      Even though those were early young days and it would've probably gone unnoticed if I switched allegiances (I was living in Woolwich at the time) I couldn't do it...I made my bed and I laid snugly in it for better or for worse...and am still lying it, unfortunately 'for worse' at the moment.

      Any let's continue the dialog, its good to get an outside opinion (even I at times think some of my fellow Spurs are a bit delusional and demented)...Spurs for a miraculous recovery and an 8th place finish...West Ham 9th (see we both improved on last season..heh heh)

    • it does seem to be the affliction of red wearing teams Essex...........as i have just said on the hammers board ' treat those around you with the respect you expect to be treated with"......just because we support different teams, both with ongoing problems, doesnt mean you cant converse on a level a tad above the norm.........

      after all , we may have to share a stadium soon........eeekkkk!!

    • ...we hammers like to support our neighbours in dire times........too good to go down .....not good enough to go above us i hope.........COYS prove em wrong gents