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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Sep 25, 2008 17:04 Flag

    I'm going to slate all our forwards now...

    I'd maybe swap the UEFA win, we could still pull that back in the second leg and Ramos is supposed to be a 'cup specialist' so that,s a fun route to go down. I also think being knocked out of 2 cups by the end of Sept would be more of a confidence knock than being low in the table after 4 games - a team will always have highs & lows in a league, that's why it's played over a year. Hopefully soon we'll have our bad patch over, and playing back-to-back Newcastle and Portsmouth can't hurt. They've got the worst goal difference in the league right now, and we know a lot of their players have something to prove to us, so hopefully that should be enough to spur the team on.

    If we get the right combination of players and sensible formation Seaside Spurs won't know what's hit them!

    • personally I'd take the 6 points (that is swapping two wins for the two losses and keeping the 2 points we have...puts us at 7th...getting knocked out of two trophies by the end of September and 7th in the league trumpets your intentions..."we're gunning for the top 4"...I don't think team spirit would be affected in that scenario. (do you?)

      Highs and lows in the season...what about getting drawn against Man U at old Trafford for the next round...how's that for an instant low (think SAF would field his 2nd team with what we supposedly put him throough to get Berbatov? Would he f*@k!)

      Naw, definitely the points.