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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Sep 25, 2008 04:51 Flag

    I'm going to slate all our forwards now...

    If it means they score goals. I was about to really lay into Pavlyuchenko in a previous thread, and wouldn't ya know it, he nods one in.

    So, we cement our tag as being a cup team by getting our second win of the season in our second cup competition.

    Question, would you swap both those wins for 6 points in the Prem right now...I have to say that I would. I know, we'd be out of the cups but our league confidence would be as high as our league position, so you know more points will be coming and other teams wouldn't be ,looking at us like we're abunch of lightweights (which in some areas we definitely are).

    Anyway, a wins a win, and we move on. I would not want to be a Newcastle fan right now (or a Pompey fan for that matter...10 goals in 2 games...horrendous!)

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