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  • boleyn boy boleyn boy Sep 29, 2008 23:28 Flag

    Where the hell is Berlin?

    Sorry wasn't referring to the deepest and darkest areas of Essex - more your Loughtons, Chigwells and Buckhurst Hills

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    • Oh dear, boleyn boy,

      You are making yourself seem quite the fool aren't you?

      The last time I checked Loughton, Chigwell & Buckhurst Hill ARE in Essex.. check a map if you're not sure!!

      It must be that because of the mis-conceived idea that most West Ham fan's have that South East Essex ie: Basildon, Southend is predominantly Claret & Blue!!

      Well old chap, this could not be any further from the truth.. I have lived in the Basildon area all my life and I have never supported West Ham ( nor am I ever likely to ).

      As a matter of fact, there are just as many Spurs fans living in the South East Essex catchment area as there are West Ham fans!!