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  • Would somebody, anybody from THFC please come forward and explain their policy regarding buying and selling of players, to us hard suferring fans PLEASE. All we have is speculation and fault being apportioned in all directions!
    If "Oneday" Ramos says whom he wants and whom to sell then fine he should shoulder all the blame. As he also selects the team, the subs, the changes in formation and the actual substitutionsused, therefore he is largely at fault.
    If Commoli buys the players regardless of JR's wants, then a large proportion of the blame goes to him.
    If Levy sells players regardless of JR then some blame is his too.
    The players that are selected to play must also take a lot as they are the ones who do not perform to their best when on the pitch. If they did we wouldn't be in the position we are now in.
    All this speculative blaming of any and all is counter productive and will drive the team further away from their goals. Please let us know, or will that mean heads will roll in the management's top tiers?
    Please, stop all this trashing of everyone in turn, let's get behind the team and perhaps we can do it together. COYS!!!