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  • Jlock Jlock Sep 29, 2008 14:57 Flag

    Don't blame RAMOS

    They say that Spurs fans are the most fickle.
    We did well under Jol - then there was a blip - and suddenly the defence is crap, the goalkeeper's crap - the manager's crap. No.
    Yesterday - who was one of the best players on the pitch - Dawson? Wasn't he one of the stalwarts in the two 5th seasons? Isn't Robinson playing well for Blackburn?

    What loses me is this need to replace a whole team when a new manager comes in. If that is Ramos's decision - then the current state is his fault - but it could be a temporary blip.

    It pee's me off as well how quickly commentators change - yesterday, before half time the Sky bunch were saying - '...there's something in this for Spurs...' - by the end they were slagging the team off. Yahoo has a headline 'Toothless Spurs' BUT the stats show:
    34.4% Possession 65.6%
    8 Shots 16
    5 Shots on target 4
    3 Saves 2
    3 Corners 6
    13 Fouls 18
    5 Offsides 4
    3 Yellow cards 3
    1 Red cards 0
    30 Tackles 26
    198 Accurate passes 417
    48 Bad passes 61

    If that means we were toothless, what does it say of of Pompey? I didn't think we deserved to lose - but we didn't deserve to win either. With all the possession we looked lost in the final 3rd. We didn't get behind their defence until Lennon had a go. It was like old Anderton wing play before that - get to the edge of the area and whip it in from there. No runs from midfield until JTS.

    I don't think you can make wholesale changes to a team and expect it to gel. Bale in one week, then out again. Hutton looks good, then is out injured. Modric plays a couple of games - and then doesn't get a chance to find his feet. Bentley constantly switched as is Lennon. Suddenly Gilberto pops up as a winger.

    Some of the decisions are down to Ramos - and I think he'd be the first to admit some decisions haven't been right. But I'm all for giving someone a fair chance. Two/three seasons would seem fair - a chance to assess the players he inherited, a chance to buy in who he wants and bed them in and then the final seaeon to see the results.
    The problem is will the board give him that amount of time - especially if we're still in the bottom three come November?

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    • I reckon he'll get til way after the January transfer window.
      Yes, Berbs did go at the 11th hour, and if Levy and Comolli had any balls about them they would have replaced him before he went beacause, let's be honest they can't be the only 2 people in the world who didn't know he was going sooner or later!
      I think Ramos' selections have been shocking! Gilberto on the wing? Are you sure? Assou Ekotto - we sell Malbranque and Chimbonda but keep him?! I'd rather see Kaboul still here!
      I think Lennon should be given a chance up front with either Pav or Bent, you never know he could be the next Defoe!!

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      • I agree Big G

        Comolli and Levy knew Berbs & Keane were going in the last transfer window long before it closed - Levy's statement, released 19th July, on the Spurs' website made that very clear..... so why weren't replacements brought in then?

        JR's selections certainly had me puzzled yesterday. Gilberto as LM?? when Lennon had came on Weds night and improved us instantly playing on the left... Gilberto is a squad player at best - if we have adequate cover at LB then on the bench he goes. And what was this rubbish about a lone striker working mid-week... Pav was struggling with that big time and needs a strike partner - if it's not Bent then use Campbell or Gio. And why, oh why was Zokora and not JJ taken off.... he and Bentley fell foul of Capello's curse (if he's in the crowd they have a crap game) - I couldn't care less if he was the captain!

        The most worrying element is JR's use of King - Leds can't play two games a week as we all know, so why use him for cup games?.... we need points ffs. Dawson's form is up and down again so why not stick Corluka next to Woody and play Gunter at RB instead?

        Having said all that (I feel a bit better now) there is no way we should be thinking about sacking Ramos... if yet another new man is brought in we'll be in exactly the same position at the start of next season (new players finding their feet and the team yet to gel).... I just hope JR turns it round asap.