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  • Sfer Sfer Oct 1, 2008 16:12 Flag

    Don't blame RAMOS

    I never like managers getting the sack early but on the other hand getting rid of them when it is too late for the replacement to make a difference seems daft to me and on that basis Ramos has very little time to turn it around. I am still waiting for anyone that thinks Ramos is a good manager to tell me why apart from the fact that he has not had enough time. OK with Keano and Berba and the adrelalin rush that a new manager brings he had some limited success at first but since then he has been awful. Yes losing those playesr might not have been down to him and yes the new players that have come in might not have been completely his choice but picking the team, deciding formation and tactics and deciding substitions is and the Miserable One has failed in all of these.

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    • I agree with your views here, mate. If the manager isn't performing, sack him early, and get someone in to stabilize the team, and get them winning again. Sullivan kept too much faith in Steve Bruce at at Andrews, when he should have sacked him in September, and the end result was quite ....Bruce resigned in February before he was kicked out and went to Wigan.....McCleish came in but had little time to turn it around....but the irony was Wigan stayed up and we went down.! If they aint doing it...get em out early.

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