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  • DEREK W DEREK W Oct 1, 2008 16:29 Flag

    Don't blame RAMOS

    i entirely agree with what you say.....i think ramos is having to try all sorts of permutations ...he is getting desperate....all thanks to that prat comolli and ego trip levy....i suggsested campbell and pekhart.the same as you...i would play dos santos o'hara bale from the start....they are enthusiastic players.....drop bent,he ain't up to it,play 2 up front at least....the best form of defence is attack....we are known for free flowing ATTACKING football....where is it....if we don't get points soon we will be another derby....

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    • Thanks. If Ramos had a plan and was sticking to it I would at least have a bit more respect for that. Being able to tell his chosen 11 players that they are his first choice and he is relying on them to turn it around would make them feel more responsible and hopefully make them try that bit harder. Swapping and changing all the time does not make them feel special (not that some of the pampered over paid prima donna kebabs should feel special!) and gives them the opportunity to blame others whilst not trying very hard themselves. Ramos - pick your best 11 players, play a formation that has proved works in the PL, smile at least once and try and get the team playing for each other and enjoying it. Otherwise give it up and let us find someone that at least shows he has a passion for the game and hopefully Spurs.

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      • Its an aspect of the modern game and obviously influenced by the influx of foreign players and coachs but everybody seems to think that constant squad rotation, tactical and formation changes and big squads of players who can play in several positions is the only way forward!
        Yes there is a time and place for that of course and this has been proven to work once you have achieved success and need to maintain that momentum........but in our case its proving a millstone round our necks. All this tinkering is playing into the hands of our opponents.
        I hate to harp on about the good old days but the likes of Shankley, Nicholson or Busby would not have f*cked about while their teams languished bottom of the table. They would have got their best 11 grinding out results and only then maybe tinkered with positions and tactics. I believe Ramos is a clever bloke with the technical stuff he just needs to prove he has the basics of getting a result no matter what.....he can do it in the cups, he must now do it in the league.
        Time to win ugly.