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  • Sfer Sfer Oct 1, 2008 23:32 Flag

    Don't blame RAMOS

    Ok if that is the case and Ramos has no say in who stays and who goes or who the club buy then he is a puppet (or muppet depending on your point of view) and is quite happy managing a PL side although with his hands tied. If that is the case then he is just playing at it and is only there for the money as I don't believe any manager with any dignity would put up with that especially from a Board that has no real footballing experience on it. If he has control he is wasting it and should go - if has no control he is only doing it for the money and should go. Simple really and before you say it Yes the board should go as well!

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    • It's a vicous circle. I do agree the board should be sacked. I don't agree with sacking a good manager.

      You work? I do and I work because I enjoy what I do, always have. But I still need to earn money to live in this corporate shit we call the modern world.