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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Oct 2, 2008 20:30 Flag

    Don't blame RAMOS

    Been pretty busy lately, and although it's great that there's a lot of debate going on here, these message boards seem full of doom and gloom!

    We call knew this would have to be a transitional season (again...), we've known this from the summer and we've known we can' expect to do as well as we'd like this year - why now we're doing badly is there such shock everywhere? Did you really think a team of strangers, many new to the English game, would be playing like champions? Chill yer winstons, it'll all take time.

    My view is, it doesn't matter whether you think Ramos is to blame or not, calling for his head is plain old stoopid - what we need now more than anything else is continuity, and for the players to be able to focus on the stuff on-pitch, not off. Ultimately each player is ok-brilliant on their own, so if they're given time to adapt none of them will be useless in a team; they might not be great, but they won't be useless.

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    • not blonde i agree in principle with what you say but time is something we dont have we need results and we need them quick.

      Ramos still has poyet do his bidding he dosn't talk to the players in english the players are complaining about training the morale was totally wiped by the whole berba situation and ramos failed to rebuiled it against pompey the players looked disjointed dishartened and didn't play as a team all of whichh is down to the manager to resolve the buck in football always stops with the manager

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      • I agree with most of what Berkshire Yid says. We are deep in sh1te and we need inspiration but it's not gonna come from Oneday or Poyet and there does not seem to be a natural leader on the pitch who is gonna take a game by the scruff of the neck. We can all sit and pray that "something or somebody" already at the club is gonna rescue us and turn it around but I just can't see Ramoth (why can't Spanish people say SSSSSS?) being that man. Bite the bullet and get someone that knows the way it works in the PL now before it's too late.