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  • Evil Bread Man Evil Bread Man Sep 29, 2008 03:42 Flag

    Don't blame RAMOS

    Blame Comolli , blame Levy , perhaps blame Poyet. Its certainly not Ramos' fault.We SHOULD of got rid of berbs earlier. It would've given us a chance to get someone in. Ramos has now had to deal with what he's got. We've got two strikers who have'nt got a clue and it aint their fault either as Bent has never played much other than a third striker role and Pav has NEVER played at all in the prem. Yet both don't seem to go together either

    There are some strange decisions going on with the substitutions on the pitch but i think Ramos is looking for an answer , a miracle in fact. I, quite frankly, have had enough of this bulls**t

    Ramos has a strong squad but we desparately need goals and no-one has scored. We've got a Man Utd player and Perkart who is now out on loan. Perhaps Ramos can be to blame for some minor decisions but the shocker for me is letting Berbs go with 30 mins left of the transfer window

    Get the bumbling french franc Comolli OUT. It might just give us something to cheer about

    And in the mean time i think about Mr Lennon.i think he should play as a striker with Pav. F**k putting him on the wing. We've tried everything else

    Does anyone want some cheese on fresh Hovis thick sliced bread. Funnily enough the french stick is off

    Yours Angrily

    The Bread Man

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    • i do blame ramos! the guy keep coming out and saying the team needs time to gel, yet he persists in making between 5 and 7 changes to the starting line up and switching between different formations. he needs to pick an attacking formation, select his best 11, which includes lennon and jenas, and only change it when neccessary.

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      • Hi can't agree with the bit about JJ, he gives away too many freekicks when tackling back even a penalty against Pompey, but I have stated for awhile now about the new tinkerman in the premier league. Namely "Oneday", he hasn't kept a team remotely similar to the game before since the season started.
        It is time we started with an attack minded formation, I have selected a team for Sunday's game (see Sundays team thread) using 3 at the back and Gunter and Bale to start as wing-backs. See what you think of it.

    • getting rid of berba aint the problem getting rid of half the CUP WINNING team was.We cannot play ramos 4 5 1 style we are not spanish pav needs help he cannot come to a new team and a new country and play up front on his own he needs bent.Better still keane and berba or even defoe

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      • Been pretty busy lately, and although it's great that there's a lot of debate going on here, these message boards seem full of doom and gloom!

        We call knew this would have to be a transitional season (again...), we've known this from the summer and we've known we can' expect to do as well as we'd like this year - why now we're doing badly is there such shock everywhere? Did you really think a team of strangers, many new to the English game, would be playing like champions? Chill yer winstons, it'll all take time.

        My view is, it doesn't matter whether you think Ramos is to blame or not, calling for his head is plain old stoopid - what we need now more than anything else is continuity, and for the players to be able to focus on the stuff on-pitch, not off. Ultimately each player is ok-brilliant on their own, so if they're given time to adapt none of them will be useless in a team; they might not be great, but they won't be useless.

    • Thanks for your comments. I would like to lavish some magic spread all over my thickly sliced bread to correct all thats wrong with Spurs today but i would say its quite thin at present. Especially in the striker dept. What i would like to see is the boys and girls of Spurs show some f**king balls and show up tomorrow..... AND at the weekend and play for the shirt. This game against the polski's is MASSIVE. The game against Hull is HUGE.

      Infact f**k the game against the poles we need THREE points on Sunday. Thats the BIG one.

      So lets rally the troops and a big f**king shout for the Team COYS

      It may be a bad time but does anyone want cheese on toast?

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      • We are still at it, pointing fingers, apportioning blame. Why won't THFC just tell us what their transfer policy is? Who makes the buy and sell decisions? (Perhaps somebody Commoli/Levy might lose their job!!!! I read they have sacked 4 scouts).
        If it isn't "Oneday" Ramos, it could take some heat of him to start with. Maybe this would then roll down to the players and they could start to enjoy playing football again. Can any one remember the fast one or two touch we played in the pre-season games.
        But here I go again thinking the players really give s $£"!.
        They don't appear to be exerting themselves that much. Must have caught the dreaded Berba disease.
        "Can't run back to help out, won't run back to help out!!!!!" They say their training is tough, well it should be tougher. They aren't fit enough to help each other and play as a team.

    • I don't think it's really down to him. The man isn't in charge of who stays or goes. It's much deeper than that.
      Spurs definitely need a new striker. To buy one who plays pretty much the same game as the other is / was foolish. I don't think a manager of Ramos experience would do this. His hands are tied. As I and others have said it's the board that needs a kick!

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      • Ok if that is the case and Ramos has no say in who stays and who goes or who the club buy then he is a puppet (or muppet depending on your point of view) and is quite happy managing a PL side although with his hands tied. If that is the case then he is just playing at it and is only there for the money as I don't believe any manager with any dignity would put up with that especially from a Board that has no real footballing experience on it. If he has control he is wasting it and should go - if has no control he is only doing it for the money and should go. Simple really and before you say it Yes the board should go as well!

    • i entirely agree with what you say.....i think ramos is having to try all sorts of permutations ...he is getting desperate....all thanks to that prat comolli and ego trip levy....i suggsested campbell and pekhart.the same as you...i would play dos santos o'hara bale from the start....they are enthusiastic players.....drop bent,he ain't up to it,play 2 up front at least....the best form of defence is attack....we are known for free flowing ATTACKING football....where is it....if we don't get points soon we will be another derby....

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      • Thanks. If Ramos had a plan and was sticking to it I would at least have a bit more respect for that. Being able to tell his chosen 11 players that they are his first choice and he is relying on them to turn it around would make them feel more responsible and hopefully make them try that bit harder. Swapping and changing all the time does not make them feel special (not that some of the pampered over paid prima donna kebabs should feel special!) and gives them the opportunity to blame others whilst not trying very hard themselves. Ramos - pick your best 11 players, play a formation that has proved works in the PL, smile at least once and try and get the team playing for each other and enjoying it. Otherwise give it up and let us find someone that at least shows he has a passion for the game and hopefully Spurs.

    • How on earth can you blame Poyet? Levy is to blame for bringing he french twat crapoli in, crapoli needs to bear the brunt not just for the players he has bought and sold but for instigating the sacking of Jol. BUT all that being said Ramos has a decent squad and seems to have no idea what to do with them! He keeps blaming it on Berb going so late but we sold Keane weeks before and still didn't bring in a striker! Ramos is calling the shots and they aren't good. I don't think the players are playing for him - give Jol the same players and I think we would be right up there. I hate to say it because instability doesn't help BUT unless Ramos gets to grips quickly (ie the next 2 matchs) he needs to go!

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      • I never like managers getting the sack early but on the other hand getting rid of them when it is too late for the replacement to make a difference seems daft to me and on that basis Ramos has very little time to turn it around. I am still waiting for anyone that thinks Ramos is a good manager to tell me why apart from the fact that he has not had enough time. OK with Keano and Berba and the adrelalin rush that a new manager brings he had some limited success at first but since then he has been awful. Yes losing those playesr might not have been down to him and yes the new players that have come in might not have been completely his choice but picking the team, deciding formation and tactics and deciding substitions is and the Miserable One has failed in all of these.

    • They say that Spurs fans are the most fickle.
      We did well under Jol - then there was a blip - and suddenly the defence is crap, the goalkeeper's crap - the manager's crap. No.
      Yesterday - who was one of the best players on the pitch - Dawson? Wasn't he one of the stalwarts in the two 5th seasons? Isn't Robinson playing well for Blackburn?

      What loses me is this need to replace a whole team when a new manager comes in. If that is Ramos's decision - then the current state is his fault - but it could be a temporary blip.

      It pee's me off as well how quickly commentators change - yesterday, before half time the Sky bunch were saying - '...there's something in this for Spurs...' - by the end they were slagging the team off. Yahoo has a headline 'Toothless Spurs' BUT the stats show:
      34.4% Possession 65.6%
      8 Shots 16
      5 Shots on target 4
      3 Saves 2
      3 Corners 6
      13 Fouls 18
      5 Offsides 4
      3 Yellow cards 3
      1 Red cards 0
      30 Tackles 26
      198 Accurate passes 417
      48 Bad passes 61

      If that means we were toothless, what does it say of of Pompey? I didn't think we deserved to lose - but we didn't deserve to win either. With all the possession we looked lost in the final 3rd. We didn't get behind their defence until Lennon had a go. It was like old Anderton wing play before that - get to the edge of the area and whip it in from there. No runs from midfield until JTS.

      I don't think you can make wholesale changes to a team and expect it to gel. Bale in one week, then out again. Hutton looks good, then is out injured. Modric plays a couple of games - and then doesn't get a chance to find his feet. Bentley constantly switched as is Lennon. Suddenly Gilberto pops up as a winger.

      Some of the decisions are down to Ramos - and I think he'd be the first to admit some decisions haven't been right. But I'm all for giving someone a fair chance. Two/three seasons would seem fair - a chance to assess the players he inherited, a chance to buy in who he wants and bed them in and then the final seaeon to see the results.
      The problem is will the board give him that amount of time - especially if we're still in the bottom three come November?

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      • I reckon he'll get til way after the January transfer window.
        Yes, Berbs did go at the 11th hour, and if Levy and Comolli had any balls about them they would have replaced him before he went beacause, let's be honest they can't be the only 2 people in the world who didn't know he was going sooner or later!
        I think Ramos' selections have been shocking! Gilberto on the wing? Are you sure? Assou Ekotto - we sell Malbranque and Chimbonda but keep him?! I'd rather see Kaboul still here!
        I think Lennon should be given a chance up front with either Pav or Bent, you never know he could be the next Defoe!!

    • Many players have come and gone since Ramos arrived. I presume he chose who goes and who arrives.................Blame Ramos.

      Who else should be blamed. Levy and Co have spent money, yes top players have left over the seasons but that happens to most clubs. You should be doing better with the players you have.

      The substitutions didn't make sense today.....I suppose that's Levy!!!!

    • Bread Man,

      Who can think about food at a time like this? Still going on a hunger strike until Spurs pick up a win does not help!!

      Does that cheese sarnie have branston pickle?

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      • hi,
        the substitutions confused me?
        a little bit of panic i think
        we need the mid field to start working harder
        and two up front for a while
        a steady back four would be good this king in and out thing does not work look arounf at other teams consitency at the back.jenas is a headless chicken,
        zokora works hard but the deep runs lead to nothing.
        bentley i like but he has not performed yet
        lennon lots of work no end product
        we need a hard man in the middle of the park and a natural leader.
        in the light