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  • Robert Robert Sep 29, 2008 21:38 Flag

    Dont Panic, Don't Panic!!!!!!

    Here’s some advice Ramos, don’t be so serious. After all, according to sources you’ve already pocketed best part of £5million in wages. You should be smiling at the very least.

    It seems to me after watching the sorry lot on Sunday that they lack any form of team spirit. Why not take em down the pub, get em pissed and get a few common anecdotes going.

    It doesn’t matter a toss how much money is involved, any group of players that I’ve ever known, whether they play at the Lane or over the Marshes need’s commonality to start to build that essential team spirit, which they are woefully short of as anyone can see.

    Get the team spirit going and they will start to play for each other and there is enough talent there for them to do good.