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  • Lester Lester Sep 30, 2008 13:44 Flag

    How "bad" was this Campbell abuse ?

    How bad was this ?
    He's no longer a gooner, he burst into tears in the middle of a game if you remember, but I accept the stance many of you have with him. I think most of us thought it was a bit crap. Every Yid I have ever spoken to on this has said if he'd gone to OT or Anfield they wouldnt have minded. Well I suspect you would but not for 10 years.
    I was once told by a Canadian woman, who of course insisted she knew this for sure, that he is/was Lennox Lewis' bitch. So I guess it must have been of that ilk, and you were all at it, as you do.
    Anyway, if you've got the words....

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    • this is typical spurs. its time to let go about campbell ,we should be sticking by our team not abusing a man for 7 yrs its pathetic. and as for stand up if you hate arsenal, change the record its doing my head in everytime i go to spurs. we need to get behind the boys and help them out .

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      • I have to say, as a female at the match with my teenage daughter, that I was ashamed to be surrounded by Spurs fans singing that particular refrain, although some others were a bit near to the knuckle as well. I saw so much hatred on the faces of some of the fans that I felt intimidated. Compare that to the applause we (rightly in my view) gave Defoe, even after he scored.

        It doesn't just apply to those who leave for rival clubs - remember the abuse George Graham got when he took over as Manager just because he was ex-Arsenal?

        OK, so Campbell shat upon us from a great height when he hightailed it over to Highbury for mega-bucks (even though he claimed it wasn't for the money) but to my mind enough is enough. Life's too short and we have more important things to shout about than him and others - namely the fact that we've had such an appalling start to the season and the consequences if we don't do better any time soon.

        However, I've no doubt the abuse will continue when Keano and Berbs come back to WHL and so the never-ending cycle continues. I know that some on here won't agree, but we have to accept that players will move on - whatever the circumstances - and just get on with it.

    • I think we need to be careful by calling these fans hypocrites. Look at the way we treat Ashley Cole for the way he has left our club. It is the same is it not. This type of abuse is part and parcel of the game. For example I think that Cole is a greedy c*nt who deserves all the abuse that is thrown his way and I will always think that. Spurs fans are the same with Campbell, Hammers fans were with Ince, it's football.

    • And we don't give a shit if you're hanging from a tree ????

      Oh shut up you self righteous prikc!

      That has naff all to do with race or colour, its simply saying we'd like to see him dead. Nothing more nothing less!

      Love they way these do-gooders have to try and find alternate motives for everything and anything with their heads on one side nodding away and speaking ever so softly.

      Campball is judus scum and not one of us give a flying toss about what colour he is, we just hate him for WHO he is!

    • Larry I dont condone racism so therefore do not condone that particular song. I could argue that you are reading a bit between the lines there with the old KKK symbolism though mate........I think you'll find a lot of traitors throughout history have been hung from a tree no matter what colour they were......however perhpas we are splitting hairs here and like I said I do not condone racism so end of.
      I am defending Spurs fans right to hurl abuse at Campbell......the nature of that abuse I have no control over. I certainly wouldnt bring his colour into it nor his family etc...but as for him as an individual....no problem.

    • If that's true it's disgusting and shameful!

    • He deserves all he gets he knew the score when he joined them

    • Dont care how bad in was, in my eyes it can never be bad enough, and it brings me GREAT joy in knowing it upsets the cnut. :o)

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      • John...we all know why he left us for you........he continues to get abuse because of the WAY he left us for you!.......Because of that cowardly and humiliating betrayal he will continue getting that abuse until his dying day.

        I wouldnt bother with the 'its been so many years leave him alone' stuff ....I suspect 99.9% of us wouldnt p*ss on him if he were on fire. You can be a hero for a split second but being a scum traitor is a life sentence.

    • Lester. As a Gooner, I can understand why Spurs fans feel so aggrieved about who Sol chose to join back in 2001.

      I can also understand why the abuse he took ran for whole time he was with us. I cannot understand why the abuse has continued into his time now with Pompey.

      He left Spurs for the opportunity of CL football, and honours Spurs had not won in many years. He got both with us. Now he's got to old for us, he has chosen a team & manager he can continue playing for. Leave the poor fella alone ffs. It's been seven years.

      As for the abuse. How's this for class Lester:- Sung to the tune of Lord of the Dance.

      "Sol, Sol wherever you may be. You're on the verge of lunacy. And we don't give a shit if you're hanging from a tree, you Judas cunt with HIV."

      Players are sanctioned if they abuse the crowd. It's about time fans were sanctioned for this kind of abuse.

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      • Sorry, been out.
        Is that it ?, I'm not condoning it but I think the media furore is a bit OTT.
        I remember Paul Ince turning up at OT in a scouser outfit and wondering why the whole stadium were singing "You're not big time anymore", and "Charline Charlie whats the score ?" (both refs to Ferguson's "big time Charlie" comments about him). Paul got quite upset about it, but he must be as daft as Campbell if he didnt think there was going to be a reaction. Paul was a legend for United and in my eyes always will be, but that's exactly why we thought turning out for Liverpool was "inappropriate".
        I think most people, including probably most spurs fans, think it's time to move on, but thats for them to decide. I think if the day ever comes when a legend can leave a club, fee or no fee, via other clubs or not., to that clubs principle rivals, and no one gives a toss, it's time to for us all to pack in.