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  • John John Sep 30, 2008 16:33 Flag

    How "bad" was this Campbell abuse ?

    Essex. I guess the main problem is the 'type' of abuse dished out to Campbell. When you consider the shouts of 'Foul' when the Croatian fans give it to our England players, only to do it themselves on the Saturday at club level. It's a bit hypocritical.

    Boo's and Hisses. Fine. All part of the game. Some of the personal abuse dished out though, goes beyond mate.

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    • John...the Croatians dished out racial abuse. There has been no suggestion that was what Scumpbel received.
      Now come on....we all know what the 'nature' of the abuse was.............I personally wouldnt bother with that but I see no problem in booing the cnut at every touch.
      Abuse and jeers are part of the game.......sadly we dont live in a very nice world........im sure the goons have dished out their fair share (usually to their own players)......where do you draw the line between obscenity and banter?...Fact is you can't. Scumbel made a rod for his own back.....it was his own doing......his choice...........IMO tough f*cking luck!