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  • Im going with your first point.......that I think Ramos is a good manager because of what he did at Seville. If you think the big four here dominate everything imagine it only being a big 2! He took a small provincial club to 2 Eufa cups and into the CL with a modest budget and challenged the might of Barca and Real.
    When he came to us he did things that we were crying out for under Jol......he made changes when he thought them necessary....changed formations and tactics earlier instead of the last 10 mins and we all breathed a sigh of relief. Using that same nerve he won us the CC.
    Who can blame us for being optimistic at the beginning of this season once hed' got some of his own personel in place?
    The fact is the bottom has fallen out and suddenly those tactics, formations and substitutions dont look so clever. I still hold out hope he can do the job......he certainly will do it somewhere else if we give him the boot........id just rather it was with us.

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    • Is there an argument that he had his bit of initial success here because it was a new broom and a honeymoon period but as soon as that was over he lost it completely? Don't forget the players we had a bit of success with at first were here before he arrived and many of the new players have been brought in under Ramos and they are the ones that are now failing us.
      Also, doing a miracle like with Seville in your own back yard is very different than doing it in another country in the best league in the World. I would really love it if I could say that Ramos is the man for us but my heart says he is out of his depth and passing on his miserable ways to the team.

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      • i like the other contributors on here held out great hopes....but it seems to have been another false dawn'''
        ....mind you the farce(courtesy ofcommolli)of not having an adequate striking partnership hasn't helped....but playing 4- 5- 1 is ludicrous....sticking with bent,who is out of his league is stupid....what about campbell.pekhart,dos santos....some flair to open up defences.....he seems to be at a loss to know what to do....i know it is still early but a gap is starting to open up....remember derby?....who are we going to beat?....wigan at the start of the season looked an easy 3 points ....but now!....who thinks we will beat them....not the bookies....and they are good judges....
        the script isn't going the way i expected....