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  • Sfer Sfer Sep 30, 2008 19:24 Flag

    Ramos good?

    Can someone please explain why they might think that Ramos is a good manager? If it is based on his success at Seville (and I can't believe anyone can base it on his success at Spurs) then history is littered with managers that have been successful at one club only to find the formula does not work at another. He has bought badly (if he has any say in that), he has put out teams that we struggle to understand, he has made very poor substitutions and played players out of position. And above all that he has become the "Misreable One". God help us!

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    • If you had asked this question at the end of Feb '08 the overwhelming answer would have been YES.... not only had we just won the CC but JR's record up to then was pretty good - we had played 28 games (in all comps) with 15 wins, 8 draws & only 5 losses. However post-CC results have taken a nose-dive: P22 W6 D7 L9. Ramos has made some strange decisions team-wise lately and seems to be struggling to come up with an answer to our current problems. He & Poyet must see things on the training pitch which would put team choices into perspective.... also the players must shoulder some of the blame for our league position.

      I would judge him (and the new players) again at Christmas....if we are still bottom 5 then the answer to your question would be 'no', but if Spurs have turned a corner by then maybe our initial impression of JR was right.

      As for Ramos being miserable - I can't say I'm exactly happiness & light at the moment where Spurs is concerned!

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      • Im going with your first point.......that I think Ramos is a good manager because of what he did at Seville. If you think the big four here dominate everything imagine it only being a big 2! He took a small provincial club to 2 Eufa cups and into the CL with a modest budget and challenged the might of Barca and Real.
        When he came to us he did things that we were crying out for under Jol......he made changes when he thought them necessary....changed formations and tactics earlier instead of the last 10 mins and we all breathed a sigh of relief. Using that same nerve he won us the CC.
        Who can blame us for being optimistic at the beginning of this season once hed' got some of his own personel in place?
        The fact is the bottom has fallen out and suddenly those tactics, formations and substitutions dont look so clever. I still hold out hope he can do the job......he certainly will do it somewhere else if we give him the boot........id just rather it was with us.

    • Have to agree with him making bad decitions as to formation, substitutions, positions.

      Tacticly he does not seem to have a clue whats going on??

      Everyone in the stands can see its wrong and can offer 100 ways in which to rightly make his choises better, but he does not seem to have the insight to see it as well??