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  • I see Gustav says Pav and Bent can't play together because they are the same type of player!
    "Unfortunately this season, when Pavlyuchenko and Bent played together it didn't work for us," Poyet is quoted in The Sun.

    "They're the same type of player and it is difficult for them to play together.

    "So we made the decision to play with one striker."

    I'm struggling to remember exactly when they played together??
    Is Gus flannelling to cover for JR's decisions?
    Tell me if I'm wrong!

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    • it seems much more simplistic to me ....bent isn't good enough....why not try campbell to start with pav or pekhart....with dos santos used properly to open up defences....he has the skill....and scrap 4x5x1....this rotation system doesn;'t work either....apart from that he is doing a great job......lol!!!
      i think he is living on borrowed time ....but the ultimalre blame lies with levy and commolli....

    • What I'd be more worried about is then how we buy players.
      Keane gone, Berbatov gone, leaving Bent. So surely they knew before they bought Pav that he played a very similar game to Bent?
      And if that's the case, why fork out £14m as we then still have only one usable striker in any given game (ok it gives depth of squad).
      The obvious answer is that really expected to get Arshavin as well.

      Still, the upshot being that the whole transfer bit was completely mis managed - who's responsible for that is anyones guess.

    • The answer not being able to play together is total bull......At the end of the day they are footballers and they need to learn how to play together.

      Its no good saying they can't from the start and then not even play to give them a go.

      Ramos needs to get back to basics a 4-4-2...Bent and Pav up front with campbell as a sub.

      Pick this Ramos and your on to a winner


      Gunter------Corluka-------Woodgate--------Bale(when fit)/Gilberto



      Onwards and upwards COYS

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      • I think we need more bit/defensiveness in centre midfield and leave the creating to the wingers so here's my formation


        Corluka - King - Dawson - Bale

        Lennon - Hudd - O'Hara - Giovanni

        ----------Pav ---- Bent ----------


        Play a narrower game, with the wing backs pushing on and have


        Corluka - King - Dawson - Bale

        ---------------Zokora ------------

        Hudd --------- O'Hara

        ------Modric/Gio/Lennon ------

        ----------Pav ---- Bent ----------

        Either way, we need to stop the goals going in (1st formation) or score more than 2 goals to win the match (2nd formation)

    • Most likely means every day in training when they play together it does not work.

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      • Said at start of season ( before excellent pre season ) that Bent is a quality striker.
        What seems to be screwing our team at the moment is 2 things
        1 ) a big lack of confidence
        2) lack of a solid midfield creating quality chances for the strikers to put away.

        It is the second point that baffles me, there is quality in Lennon, Jenas, Modric, Bentley. ........ but they are not creating
        I think from what I've seen, is that the balance is more flair than substance.
        I'd like to see OHara and Huddlestone starting, to put a bit more bite in midfield, bring on 2 wingers for the last 30 mins as the backs are tiring
        With regards Pav and Bent playing together, maybe they are too alike - but unless they play together they can't work it out.
        Classic catch 22.
        Until Ramos gets to grips with it we're on the Tottenham roller coaster.........again