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  • CalgaryResident CalgaryResident Oct 2, 2008 11:04 Flag

    Pav and Bent

    The answer not being able to play together is total bull......At the end of the day they are footballers and they need to learn how to play together.

    Its no good saying they can't from the start and then not even play to give them a go.

    Ramos needs to get back to basics a 4-4-2...Bent and Pav up front with campbell as a sub.

    Pick this Ramos and your on to a winner


    Gunter------Corluka-------Woodgate--------Bale(when fit)/Gilberto



    Onwards and upwards COYS

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    • I think we need more bit/defensiveness in centre midfield and leave the creating to the wingers so here's my formation


      Corluka - King - Dawson - Bale

      Lennon - Hudd - O'Hara - Giovanni

      ----------Pav ---- Bent ----------


      Play a narrower game, with the wing backs pushing on and have


      Corluka - King - Dawson - Bale

      ---------------Zokora ------------

      Hudd --------- O'Hara

      ------Modric/Gio/Lennon ------

      ----------Pav ---- Bent ----------

      Either way, we need to stop the goals going in (1st formation) or score more than 2 goals to win the match (2nd formation)