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  • What has happened to him?

    He was meant to have been the hottest thing since the invention of sliced bread, and he hasn't even made a single appearence since not even on the subs bench!!

    Is he injured? or has he just been signed to play in the reserves?

    We got him from Palace back in the summer because of the way he tormented defences and so far his ability has not been used.

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    • Bear in mind he's still a child - we don't want to go doing an Arsene. We can't expect to see him until towards the end of the season I reckon, he needs to adapt to the difference in Prem play and to grow as a player first (we didn't sign him from Palace, we stole him from under their noses when he was first able to sign a contract at 16), and the rest of the team's got enough work to do without blooding an infant.

      Also, let's be honest, if his first taste of PL life is with our shambles of a team at the moment, I suspect it could actually set him back a while. Better let him ease into it, and when we've got some fluidity and understanding back in the team whack him in to be a part of it (in much the same way as O'Hara got in last season).