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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Oct 3, 2008 18:30 Flag

    John Bostock!!

    Bear in mind he's still a child - we don't want to go doing an Arsene. We can't expect to see him until towards the end of the season I reckon, he needs to adapt to the difference in Prem play and to grow as a player first (we didn't sign him from Palace, we stole him from under their noses when he was first able to sign a contract at 16), and the rest of the team's got enough work to do without blooding an infant.

    Also, let's be honest, if his first taste of PL life is with our shambles of a team at the moment, I suspect it could actually set him back a while. Better let him ease into it, and when we've got some fluidity and understanding back in the team whack him in to be a part of it (in much the same way as O'Hara got in last season).

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    • Would definitely agree with that notblonde.
      Bostock's obviously got a great deal of talent and we don't want to make him look stupid. I do understand that he could be the talent to help turn the team around but it could also too big a dent in his confidence to risk.

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      • Sorry to mention the other lot, but look at Vela and how well he fits in. Surely it would do Bostock good to be on the bench and come on for 15 or 20 minutes. If we are behind he might turn it around and gain in confidence from that, although he doesn't seem to be lacking in that department!! If we are in front he won't get a chance as "Oneday" will bring on defensive players and put the team under pressure. I do seem to remember a certain Martin Jol doing similar things when he was here. Chelsea 3-1 up!!! in the cup. Although I must praise JR for Dawsons introduction yesterday, definitely helped us to go through.