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  • longtimespur longtimespur Oct 3, 2008 20:02 Flag

    Sunday's team line up?

    Heh "Oneday" has tried so many formations but I don't think he has tried 3 at the back. How about
    Dawson, Woodgate, King?/ Corluka (3 of 4)
    Gunter, Modric, Zokora,O'hara, Bale
    Bent/ Pavlyuchenko and Campbell

    Subs Bentley, Jenas, Bostock, Huddlestone, Dos Santos,Lennon,GK
    Modric in the hole, O'hara and Zokora holding,
    Bale and Gunter up and down the flanks.
    Can sub Jenas or Hud for O'h or Z
    Bents, Bostock, Dos Santos or Lennon for Bale and Gunter.
    If necessary Hud or Zok can fill in at the back if injuries occur.
    What do you think?

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    • I'd try to stick Bent and Pav up front. They may be similar, but at least we have 2 players up there.

      I think there is a problem with our midfield linking up with the forward line (kinda like what Robbie Keane used to do).

      So, if we go with 2 strikers then we REALLY need to use the channels more and hit the ball long into them more than we are currently doing (I counted 1 time during the first half of the Pompey match).

      Alternatively, I like the idea of Lennon or Giovanni playing up front in a Robbie Keane-esq role.

      We need to start scoring more ... and judging by this years performances we need 3 goals a game to win.

    • -------Gomes--------



      Hope we get Hutton back soon.
      Also wish we had also kept Malbranque.

    • I don't think O'Hara or (to a lesser extent) JJ would be able to take the holding mid role - they'd end up around the wrong goal mouth when they were supposed to be defending.

      The danger with messing with the number of defenders is that of man marking, I don't think our defence is sophisticated enough to be able to cope with the necessary switching of roles & players covered, although I quite like the idea of playing with two holding midfielders (as long as it doesn't end up being the team bus parked in front of goal).

      A lot of our midfielders are actually quite creative, it would be nice to get them into roles where they can use this instead of having to stick rigidly to formation - do you remember the games when Malbranque and Lennon suddenly and seamlessly switched wings last season? Giving them a chance to roam really paid off in their play, and also really confused defenders. I'd like to see the likes of Lennon, O'Hara, Modric and Giovanni giving that a go.

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      • I dread to think of JJ in that position too, every time he goes back to defend the opposition end up with a free kick. Maybe O'hara is a little bit inexperienced but he played well at left-back again Ronaldo last season if I remember corredly. Surely he can quickly learn the need to defend the back 3 if we play that way.
        I can go for the idea of letting players roam and cause problems but, as you say, will the other players see what's happening and effectively cover the empty spaces left??
        Can you remember when football was an easy game to play, oh for Bill Nick!!!