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  • longtimespur longtimespur Oct 4, 2008 00:28 Flag

    Pompey and Campbell problems??

    Why has no-one started a thread on this subject? Does no-one have any imput regarding the baiting and abuse Sol Campbell received from Spurs fans? How long is it since he went to the gooners? I have been a Spurs fan since 1957/8 season, Sol wasn't the first to travel down that road. Pat Jennings was one who did it along time ago but he is welcome at WHL.
    I know Sol was not honest in his move but that happens in business where money and rewards are predominant.
    Anyone have any feedback???
    Please be polite

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    • whoops posted in the wrong topic sorry ignore the post above lol

    • OI mike ashley i keep telling you stop trying to flog shares in Newcastle Utd here

    • One would expect Berb to get more of a rollocking.

      At least the sale of Keane gave us time to prepare. Also, Berb had an attitude, and was wanting to go all along. Eg we accepted a higher bid from city, yet he was being whisked around by Ferguson on transfer day.

      I forgive and forget. But there are some things that can never be forgiven. I think what Sol done was way below the belt. Way below what Keane and Berbatov done. At least we got money back on Keane and Berbatov. Sol's departure was a disgrace.

    • Personally I feel that the silent treatment is far better than the abuse he's received lately. But unfortunately I'm one among thousands and unless there are plenty more of me in the crowd next time Campbell visits WHL I think it's unlikely that anything can be done.

      As I've said before, enough is enough - it's time to move on. Heaven knows what reception Keano and Berba will get when they next visit WHL. When will it end?

    • It doesn't matter how long ago he defected to them, we will always hate him for doing the worst things to our club than any other spurs player has ever done in history.
      1. he said he loved the club and didn't want to leave
      2. he said he was a spurs fan
      3. he was our captain and defected to them with a big smile on his face and two fingers up at us.
      4. he cost us £20 million in the process
      5. he said why would i want to leave this club i have been at since i was 15 years old.
      6. he joined arsenal- any other club would of been alright, hurtful but alright
      7. he had a sneaky lying and deceitful plan to sh1t on us from a massive height and could not care less about the fans and everyone else that idolised him including myself.
      Does that about cover it?

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      • point No. 7 that's how you feel right...or did you prise this out of him? Unbelievable!

      • Wow...Hot button topic here.

        My opinion...MOVE ON!

        He did what he did, we put him on blast ('scuse the hip-hop lingo) for a good few years, now we look like a bunch of cretins because we've made an endless sport of it.

        GIVE IT A REST, I'm sure even the surliest among us have more of a life than to beat up someone you've beaten up over and over again in the past. Then again maybe not, I've seen a few troglodytes roaming around the Lane on my last few visits, maybe we just haven't evolved (I kid you Trog...LOL).

        Oh, and of course the more attention the media put on the situation, the more it'll probably happen.

        Anyway, I'm done with it.

      • Norwich - you've gotta let go of that stuff - how many years ago was it? What he did was cheesy to say the least, but I've done a few things in my life that I'm not too proud of as well ... and I suspect you've done the same. Let go of it - it's past. I'd say that we have bigger issues to worry about at the Lane than Sol Campbell - you know - little things like actually winning a premiership game!

    • Longtimespur - if you look on the board earlier this week there was a thread about it.

      I was at the match and was absolutely ashamed to be surrounded by fans singing abuse at Campbell, especially when we applauded Defoe despite the fact that he scored a penalty against us.

      In my view enough is enough and it's time to let it rest. However, sad to say there are elements among the Spurs supporters who seem to live for this sort of thing and it's unlikely it'll be eradicated any time soon. If the Hampshire Police wanted to take action on Sunday they'd have had to eject most of the visiting supporters I suspect which would have caused more problems outside the ground.

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      • Evening Kentish,

        There is also a thread on the Arsenal board branding Spurs fans a disgrace.

        I can understand their point of view but what these people fail to realise is the vast majority of Spurs fans are decent people who would not participate in these vile & abusive songs or chants... but I think this stereotypical view is just a sad indictment of the times we live in today.

        I have been supporting Spurs for such a long time now, and do not condone any kind of abuse aimed at any footballer regardless of who they play for and to be bracketted with a few mindless moron's with their equally moronic songs & chants is insulting to every decent law-abiding Spurs supporter that cares about the club!!