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  • Jonny P Jonny P Oct 6, 2008 17:03 Flag

    I hate having to say this....

    ....but thinking about it, Ramos needs to stay.

    You don't go from top coach to duffer in a year. I think as many point out that Comolli has to go. I think if we can get out of the relegation zone and closer to midtable by January and get someone in who knows football and gets us someone who scores goals and kicks people in midfield then we'll be ok.

    I think Ramos is trying to build a team but has missed out on players he's wanted as Comolli is incompetent.

    We simply are in this position as the board left it too late to buy strikers. We had two strikers that pretty much scored all our goals the last few seasons to a guy who was 4th choice! Ramos just can't buy a goal at the minute but it will comes.

    At least I hope it comes!!!!

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    • But you did go from top coach to a duffer in a year........ one year it was Jol and the next Ramos!

      If you ask me you're contradicting yourself

    • You did a good job on that one mate...it's all good, I'll keep the cherry reds on standby though!

    • Yesterday, I was watching the DVD of our Carling Cup semi-final win against the Gooners ( purely for nostalgic purposes ) and I have got to say that JR did not become a bad manager overnight.

      I have already said in another post that prior to our success at Wembley we were doing ok in the league.. winning games, climbing up the table & in the last 8 of the UEFA cup - now if that is the sign of Juande Ramos being a bad manager then forcing him out of the club and replacing him with someone else will be considered as being somewhat premature and in my opinion not the answer to our current plight!!

      So if we stick with Ramos I am confident that he will get us out of this mess!!

    • LOL feel free to stick the boot in Rambro although I must warn you I have a knack for wriggling out of my own statements!

    • I was gonna stick the boot in there for a minute EY, but you sort of came back around on yourself. (us not aspiring to survival/avoiding relegation). We DID aspire to higher place finish this season, maybe a top 4, but that's gone right out the window, so aspiring to a mid-table finish (10th will be one place better than last season) and getting some long cup runs are probably where we are right now. The immediate goal however is get our first win...the next goal would be to get our second win, and so forth. I think we sould go back to basics and take baby steps with the objectives.

      As for sacking the manager...I'm on the fence with that one. It doesn't appear that whatever it is he's doing is working, what I want to know is, does he still control the dressing room, do the players still listen to him (asuuming he can communicate with them the way they say he can...that said I did see some of his English-speaking interviews and he sounded alright to me, so I'm sure in a more relaxed environment he probably gets his points across with the players). Sack him? There could arguments for it, but I commonsense says don't go down that road again...it's too soon. Not only that, I think the board would be too embarrased to sack him with all the bad publicity they got on how they brought him in.

    • I so do not agree! What makes you think that Ramos can turn it around? Yes he was good in Spain but the PL is not in Spain. History is littered with managers that were good elsewhere but blew it in the UK the same as when good English managers have tried to do it in foreign leagues - it doesn't always work does it! Doesn't mean he is a bad man (miserable as sin maybe but not evil!) just that he can't talk english and can't motivate his team or pick the right 11 or make the right substitutions.

      I'm for change early so that the new man has time to put it right before it's too late. On the basis that no hot manager is going to leave their current job to take on Spurs with Levy and Comolli in charge so it has to be someone who is out of work but who has Pl experience and is a good motivator. Call for Big Sam!

    • Agreed 'prince'......I dont think sacking JR would make a blind bit of difference to our current form.
      I believe we also have several 'done deals' set up for the Jan transfer window which would be scuppered if JR was booted.
      There are no decent managers out there not already working so there are no quality replacements around. A knee jerk appointment of someone like El Tel would not work IMO.
      Sack Comolli if we are to sack anyone!