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  • Nick Nick Oct 6, 2008 21:00 Flag

    I hate having to say this....

    EX being the operative word eh! ;o)

    Anyone thinking Big Sam is an option is clearly lacking in marbles.

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    • I agree with the original poster who said you dont become a bad manager overnight.........I also respect Sfer's viewpoint that the game is littered with managers who made it on the continent but couldnt here....I simply dont believe Ramos is one of them.
      Allardyce is not a top 4 manager!
      Big Sam is a motivator and could probably save us from relegation.....however thats not we aspire to is it? So he'd only be a short term, stop gap measure for me should we get rid of JR.
      Its a sorry state of affairs that we are talking about avoiding relegation instead of finishing in the euro places but Im realistic enough to know thats what we are staring at right now.
      Its too late to bring in someone who is going to sweep us into the top 4 this season......and if we only have to see off relegation then lets give JR until January at least to do so.