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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 6, 2008 22:55 Flag

    £5m a year salary for ramos....he aint going

    to resign on that amount of money is he?....he'll want levy to sack him so that he can get £15m compensation....and can't see levy forking out that just to get rid of him(knowing how much levy loves money)
    ....so either he will stick till the end or a consotium takes over ,compensates and replaces him....otherwise i think we are stuck...what do you think?

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    • Well... Someone said in a previous post that JR ( I don't know who said it, and to be perfectly honest I can't be bothered to look it up ) has not become a bad manager overnight!!

      It may take some believing that prior to our Carling Cup Final success we were playing exceptionally good football, we were in the last 8 of the UEFA cup and doing not too badly in the league.

      Even after we beat Chavski at Wembley we were still pulling out good results like our 4-4 draw against Chavski at WHL after being 3-1 down. ..all achieved thanks to Ramos!!