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    Bored of the bleeding obvious...

    Is anyone else sick of hearing things that are either rubbish or obvious? Every bastard seems to think they’re an expert on Spurs at the moment, with wise words such as:

    - We should have kept Defoe (No Shit)
    - We should have kept Jol (debatable, but again generally speaking No Shit)
    - This is comeuppance for the way Jol was treated (does anyone in really believe in football karma?)
    - All Spurs fan thought at the beginning of the season that Spurs would break the top four (I for one knew it was ridiculous given the mass change to the team, as did most others I spoke to)
    - Comolli’s useless (why is everyone else only figuring this out now???)
    - Ramos’s lack of English means he has a problem communicating with the players (thank you El Tel for those shocking insights)
    - Our new players aren’t used to the PL (my god, there’s a shock)

    The one that really annoys me is all the stuff about the new players – Pav in particular – and saying that they’re no good in the PL and can’t take it etc etc. Both Keane and Berb have been playing well here for years but have only just scored their first goals; Pav’s not played regularly for us and has come from a different league, but he still scored before them. Give him some time to get used to it here! And bear in mind that the whole team’s getting used to the league and are all playing badly, is it any wonder he’s not the leading scorer?????

    Now that we’ve established all of these things, can we calm down and focus on the football ahead?

    If anyone else has any ridiculous things they’re sick of hearing (about Spurs) come and vent them hear. Go on, it feels so good to get them off your chest!

    I feel much calmer now...

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    • the most stupidly obvious 'tip' given to spurs in recent weeks was from none other than Ian Wright (wtf...), that we should buy GATTUSO (along with Zambrotta and Heskey that is).

      i mean that's like saying buying kaka will increase our attacking options :p

    • the most stupidly obvious 'tip' given to spurs in recent weeks was from none other than Ian Wright (wtf...), that we should buy GATTUSO (along with Zambrotta and Heskey that is).

      i mean that's like saying buying kaka will increase our attacking options :p

    • After 45 years supporting Tottenham I agree with some of your points but not all lets take them one at a time I am in total agreement with your view on Pav hes a class player and will succeed Do not agree over Defoe he would have been a real asset now he will always get you goals and Harry Rednapp has proved that Martin Jol was the best manager we have had in years our premiership record under him proves that he is a perfect example of being given more time we would have won things under him i have no doubt of that Dos Santos should play he is a threat and very skilful pacy too we need that type of threat Ramos has nowhere to hide if we lose at Stoke god forbid You have seen in past seasons u cannot give the likes of Arsenal Chelsea Man utd 15 or so points and we are already that far behind we wont go down and as you said Pav will come good but Ramos has to realize this isnt Spain you need steel aswell as pretty football We all love pretty football but it was Hulls steel and a touch of flair and I acknowledge luck that proves my point Ramos has to get tough or it will be too late
      All the comments you read are cos we want Spurs to be respected and feared not because we think we know everything We want Tottenham to be the best and they should be up there but as supporters we are allowed to give our opinion

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      • Alright - yeah, I'm up for a gripe.

        Martin Jol had a better start to last season and he got the boot. That really winds me up. That man never had a smug bone in his body but he's got every right to be now, and to be p'd off - he got sacked for less!
        I agree Spurs definitely took thwe right stance against Fergie, who the badger does he think he is? He's like the playground bully, "I prefer your sweets so I'm gonna take them - why? - because I can."
        As for Levy and Moley, yes, they knew damn well that Burgertop was gonna go, they knew they were gonna hold out for the right price so why not go for another out and out striker before he went?
        As for Ramos' selections and putting players in a role they're not comfortable with, it's like Alfie putting lemon curd in my very English Cheddar on full-fat, thick cut white, extra salty buttered farmhouse door-step. You just don't do it with the squad we've got! Yeah if you've only got 20 players and 6 are crocked.

        And do you know what else gets my fat, sweaty, hairy ar5e in their face?
        The fact that we constantly look up the road and see those rancid goons laughing back at us.


    • Yeah, I've got something I have a gripe about - the way the pundits have suddenly started portraying Spurs' handling of the Berbasulk sale, now stating their own petty greed has cost them. Now suddenly saying they didn't need to hang on for that extra 2mill as its cost them with not having time to bring in a replacment.
      Well, thats bull. I agree with Spurs' firm stance on this one and thought they did well. It wasn't about greed, it was about not rolling over to Man U who believe they have a right to any player they want! Fair play to them.
      Where they went wrong was waiting so long to go for a striker - for me they should have brought one in regardless of the Berbs situation. He was always going to go, so bring in a forward who can play along side Bent or Pav. Its not like we're strapped for cash. And even if Berbs did stay, then we have 4 strikers again. Better that than where we are now.

      But to now come out and say Spurs were greedy in this deal is crap. Spurs stayed strong here and I for one am glad they did.

      Nice idea for a post by the way - you're right, I do feel better! lol

    • The media just love kicking a club when they're down.... how often have we slyly laughed at others' misfortune... they always exaggerate problems as it makes great reading for the tabloid sheep.

      As for football karma, if only it did exist.... Whinger would have gone blind by now with all his 'I didn't see it's.... Fergie would have had half his team tapped up and poached by other top European teams (and the same applies to Benitez after this last transfer window)... can you think of any more?

      I seem to remember it took Berbs til November in his first season with us to really show what he could do and he had joined us in July, so as I've said before we got to give the new guys until Christmas at least before passing judgement on them.

      I think (and hope) deep down we all believe the team will improve and that things will get better.... we just have to put with the crap for now..... when has being a Spurs fan ever been an easy ride!?!