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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Oct 10, 2008 22:27 Flag

    Bored of the bleeding obvious...

    That's it Lee, let it out...

    Do you ever think we're less of a fan group and more of a therapy group?? This is what that club drives us to!

    Who will join us on our gripe mission?!

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    • look,i see it like this way. jol was building your team. they were geling together, ok he had a bad season, but your team was entertaining and at least you scored lost of goals. now what happens, you get another manager.
      he literally dissasembles the team. its like starting over again. all the hard work jol done as been undone. i no new managers want to come in a change the team, but doing that could take another 2 seasons to start playing well. if jol was there now, and he had complete control, i for one would be worried about losing our place in the top 4 (arsenal). ramos has tried to introduce foriegn style football to spurs, that dont work here. stick with whats best, and you would be a great team.

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      • Devil, I appreciate the constructive comments, but that's kind of what's annoying me - none of this is anything we haven't known for months: it's the bleeding obvious. Except Jol didn't have a bad season, he had a bad 6 weeks. There's a huge difference. Realistically he lost his job the day we finished 5th in 06/07; stupid but true.

        The difference between the way you've put it there and the bloody know it all smug gits (which, I'll be honest, I usually think you're one of) is that they keep telling us like it's new or gloating over it, which gets really boring.