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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 16, 2008 17:01 Flag

    My "sincerest" advise to ardent Spurs fans

    Everyone knows things are very bad for your team Bottomham ('xcuse' me SPURS fans, I can't resist the urge to use this term) right now. It's the sole reason you're attracting all sorts of migratory fans up and down the country to your board like a moth to a flame (burned by the fire).

    I honestly think people like Mike, Essex Yiddo, Alfie, RAMBR0, et al, are losing the game by fighting fire with fire and taking it too personal. Bottomham fans need to realise that the rival clubs posts are generally good nature and mostly border on inter-clubs banters.

    It's part and parcel of football, take it on the chin and stop moaning about it. FFS, some of you are still going on about your infamous "Ar5ena1 sniding" up-to-date despite the fact that that Carling Cup fixture is now nearing a year and you're still talking about it, albeit indirectly. I'd rather be stucked at the bottom of the league table at this early stage of the season than towards the end when it becomes a much bigger problem.

    Also in recent seasons we've seen teams started so badly and ended up doing so great at latter stage, I personally think you will pull through this difficult period and have a decent season, imho your team are lacking in confidence right now and are too good to be relegated, your 1st win in the league will go a long way to rectify this problem, but not against your sterner nemesis - the great Gunners "down the road".

    Chin up guys!

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    • i agree, spurs fans, especially the one,s named do take it all too seriously and personally and they are very silly indeed, silly, silly ......silly silly.....oh.......and bottom.

      p.s. your going down.

    • you what ;~)

    • Fair enough but thats easy for you to say isn't it. If we all adopted the idea that whether our team was at the top, bottom or middle there was no need to be happy angry or indifferent there would be no use for boards like this would there. I think it's called being Vanilla or a Wrexham fan I can't remember which!.

      Now please get back to being rude and ignorant so we can retalliate our little socks off otherwise we will sell you another reject and see how you cope with another one!

    • A fair attempt at a constructive mature post gunneresque.
      However you made a couple of assumptions that are frankly wide of the mark.
      I wont speak on behalf of the other spurs posters you mentioned but as for taking this all too seriously......Id have to be an idiot to let this place get to me. Inter club banter no problem.....immature spamming.....well I'll challenge that when i feel like it and ignore when I dont. Have a read of some of the posts written by your fellow goons and tell me its generally good natured! Youd be happy to see us swamp your baord with such crap yes?
      You wont find me fighting fire with fire by spamming your board.....thats for lame brains isnt it? On my clubs forum I'll do as I please depending on my mood.
      As for the 5-1 shafting we gave you......until you have beaten us (which I concede might be fairly soon) we currently have bragging rights in the NLD.....agreed?
      Im no saint when it comes to these forums and have had my fair share of runs in.....but you wrote a fairly decent post and I hope you will view my response in the same way.
      Dont expect us all to bend over and allow the t*ssp*ts from your board to walk in here and beat themsleves off though.......you wouldnt!

    • Eve as a Spurs fan I have to say I can't see the smelly Gooners ever being in this position, but seriously Gummybreast, if you were in this position you would be retaliting childishly and you would take it personally as well.

      And don't say you wouldn't coz you would so NER!

    • I meant "good-natured" above obviously.