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  • I have been very supportive of JR on here over the last few months (one day he will get it right has been the general theme) but for the purposes of this thread I am going to try and act like a neutral and be objective.......
    Does anyone think JR will survive this disaster?
    Lets imagine (suspend reality if you can please) that we beat Bolton but then lose to the scum......will the 3 points v Bolton save him?
    Im starting to think that nothing less than 6 points from our next 2 games will keep him in his job.....objectively speaking of course.
    Now of course beating the goons at the emirates is a big ask....we are not Hull FFS.........but I cant see any other way that JR is going to survive this can you?
    Id be interested in the views of other clubs fans but please save your giggling and comparing w*lly sizes for the numerous other threads provided for that purpose this morning.

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    • Essex, I can't see him surviving the week. Yes I'm a dyed in the wool (and quite fat) Spurs man so I'm finding it very hard to be objective. I, like you have been saying give him time but after yesterday...I think the board will need to be seen to take action and that's what they'll do. My only wish is that Comolli is shown the same exit.

      ...who to bring in will be the next thread!

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      • The threads are coming so thick and fast its difficult to keep up but.... you may recall I said he should go about two weeks ago and I had my hairy ar$e kicked black and blue on here.

        I am not saying he is a bad manager. He is a good manager of a Spanish side who are doing well. What hurt me most about yesterday was the way he reacted. It was about as emotional as an episode of Crossroads.

        Martin Jol IS NOT COMING BACK! The Board are not going to resign (not that that would suddenly make the team start playing better anyway). The manager is not suddenly going to become the greatest speaker since Winston Churchill.

        We need a manager that can motivate the existing players and bring back the confidence that has been missing since the team realised they couldn't understand a word Ramos was talking about. The Miserable one has to go before its too late.

        There I've said it - shoot me!

      • Cheers Big G........Comolli going is essential.....Levy would be a marked man if he tried to keep that tw*t in place after all this.
        I wont discuss replacements unless/until JR goes though.......too much else to worry about today!