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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Oct 20, 2008 19:34 Flag

    One Day Ramos.....

    And Sfer, I was probably going at you with a machine gun, I felt it was a little bit too knee-jerk back then, and I still don't think a full change management will be the right move, but something does need to alter.

    To me, doesn't look like the team are low on confidence, it looks like they're panicking. They've forgotten how to play instinctive football so they can't even begin to play intelligently. I really think they just need someone to go in and remind them to enjoy themselves, a lot of the 'true' spurs players are at their best when they're enjoying it (I think it's that way round, rather than enjoying it when they're at their best).

    If they need a motivational coach I'm sure I could free myself up for the job, I'm very reasonable at £9,000,000,000 an hour...

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