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    where does the blame lie?

    in my humble opinion it starts with levy....he is so concerned(almost obsessed) by the balance sheet that he hung on to screw more money out of Man U than take the £25m early and get a good quality replacement....
    the 2nd is commolli for all the sub standard players he bought.....most of whom have been discarded....3rd is ramos for his team formation and selection....4x5x1 just isn.t working....discard bent jenas dawson ....they are not good enough....play o'hara dos santos campbell....they have guts and talent.....simplistic solution.?...maybe it is
    just that simple!.....but the team are starting to get a defeatist attitude....we need fighters....it is getting serious....in the next 3 games where can you realistically see points coming from?

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    • IMHO the blame lies with the person who sold the strike force
      that person sold Defoe in january and no replacement was bought
      That person knew that berba was unhappy whether he had been tapped up or not frankly is not the issue you do not then arange to sell keane to liverpool as that is now 2 out of 4 strikers and sad fact is DB is not good enough so you have sold 2 defoe and kene have one unhappy and another who is very clearly not good enough you then decide to penny pinch so you can get as much money as possible but dont spend it you buy a russian one tick pony who plays as a lone striker?? FFS he has never played in the prem well they way things are he will be playing championship football next season rapid improvement needed
      The team have no confidence whatso ever this was very clear for all to see on sunday at stoke

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      • Alex,

        It is true that we sold our entire strike-force that has bought us a lot of recent success, but the rot started soon after our CC win - while Berbs & Keane were still our main strike force.

        I believe that the buck should always stop at the manager. When England failed to qualify for Euro 2008, McLaren was ultimately to blame for that failure, because of his poor team selection, formation etc. etc.

        The manager is the one who is ultimately in charge of team selection, formation & also giving morale-boosting lectures to inspire the team to succeed - surprising in the fact that JR can only speak pidgin-english when it really suits him.

      • Case in point.
        I don't see Darren Bent as being that bad at his job.
        What is it now, 3 in 8 for a team that is bottom? I think most strikers would accept that sort of ratio. That will give him 15+ league goals with a team playing without confidence.
        In my 'managers' view I think what DB lacks is one thing more than the rest of the team - he's not getting the type of ball that he thrives on. Add that to a lack of confidence across the whole team and he's on a hiding to nothing.

        Agreed he's not a worker in the same vein as keen, and he's not as skillfull as berba at holding up the ball etc, but he does score.

        Look at last season - check how many games he played in (let alone started) and look at his goal tally.

    • John, while I agree with everything you have just said, rightly or wrong the buck stops at the manager.

      EY said earlier about JR not becoming a bad manager overnight - but as our team performances can testify since we won the Carling Cup in February, we have only won three games in the EPL, not withstanding UEFA or Carling Cup successes that is not the kind of performances we want to see at WHL.

      Our team has always been built on success and we have never experienced a situation quite like the one facing us now.

      Potentially, we could find ourselves without a league win going into November or December before we stop the rot - by then it could be all too late to get ourselves out of the bottom three.

      The call of Championship football beckons, unless we turn things around PDQ!!!

    • I think that the point I was trying to get across (and this is not defending Wendy per se) was that IRRESPECTIVE of who manages the team and how successful (or unsuccessful) we are, there will always be differing opinions as to what the manager is doing wrong/right, who should/shouldn't play, which position is best for which player etc... Because we're all pocket managers at heart.

      Look to Liverpool as a good example. Have they really done that badly - why does any team deserve success - do Liverpool? They don't - a club is only a 'big four team' if it is in the big four. Benitez - is he a good manager? Does he do very odd things? But does he also see what he has on the training ground? Does he know the players who will fight and those who won't? Does he know those with niggles.

      I don't know what is happening at WHL. All I 'know' is what I see, read and hear - and that may all be rubbish - Wendy may have said to Holy C - 'go out and get me Modric, Bentley and Pav' or it could be that Holy C said to Wendy '...I've just got you Modric, Pav and Bently - oh, and by the way I've arranged to sell 75% of the team that got two 5ths' OR Wendy may have said '...go out and get me a top class left midfielder, a top centre half and a proven goalscorer...'. Who knows.

      BUT what I do know is that when a manager says 'my only two strikers (ignoring the loan) can't play together' - then I have to think that he's been foisted with that player - as what manager in his right mind would go out and buy a 'strike partner' who can only play as a lone striker?

      So, on the basis, that we all would have done it differently had we been manager (and I know my selections whould have had us 4th by now!), how much of this debacle is then Wendy's fault - and isn't then a bit harsh on the poor sod to punish him for (potentially) a situation out of his control?

      Bl**dy hell, I should write for the Star!

    • I also think it's a non-starter in that I really don't think the board will get rid of him unless we're still rock bottom at Christmas. I know they've given him the Judas kiss recently, but I think they recognise the continuity and to be honest I think they're out of ideas.

      It's the first time for a very long time the manager's largely got what they've asked for, rightly or wrongly they're going to give him a chance (I know he's already had one but I think they're in this long term with him) to see what he can do with it.

    • I dont want to speculate on a successor to JR just yet (sorry guys I'm just not ready to throw in the towel on this right now) but I will say that I think BMJ is a non starter and not just while Comolli is here.. but Levi too.
      Jol would be a fool to have anything to do with those 2 anymore and he has NO reason to leave a decent job at Hamburg with CL qualification in the offing to 'try' and save us form oblivion.
      Have we forgotten the baffling substitutions BMJ used delight us with? What about his reluctance to change a losing situation until it was virtually too late to rectify it (last 10 mins).
      Many of us also thought Jol had reached the limits of his ability with getting us 5th and into the uefa cup........whilst Id give my granny's eyesight for some of that right now....its not quite what we aspire to is it?
      Nah....I appreciate the differing viewpoints on here.....but I still hold that JR is our only realistic option at least until Xmas.

    • I think the general consensus is that One Day will be on his way soon. But who do we go for as a replacement?

      My choice (and I believe it is probably the choice of many Spurs fans) is BMJ.. there are a couple of reasons why he may consider coming back.. they are..

      1. He said that he would like to come back to WHL to manage again sometime in the future - but any chance of this happening will not happen while Comolli is Director of Football.

      2. He is tied to a long-term contract with Hamburg, but because of his 'special' relationship with Spurs supporters he may consider coming back as a kind of second masiah.

      Both of these possiblities are feasable (but in truth, not very realistic) so if we do get rid of One Day we may have to consider someone else, someone who will have the tactical nous & experience to get us out of this mess.

      Now consider Ramos, he is under contract with us and it will cost Spurs an absolute fortune to break his contract agreement and another fortune to get someone else in. He only speaks English when it suits him.

      I would like to see a former Spurs man get the job (not Hoddle or Ardiles) if Ramos does decide to cut his losses and depart back to Spain, but I can't that happening somehow.

    • I think at this stage 'blame' is not what's needed. It needs someone to see what the problem is on the pitch and rectify it. Blame can be apportioned at the end of the season.
      I thought we played well in the first half with 10 men. Modric started to look as though he may do well.
      IMHO the problem isn't with Bent either - he doesn't get the feed. It's ok having 5 attacking midfielders - but where were they in the second half yesterday? And where were those defence splitting passes for Bent to get onto? Bent isn't a 'let's punt a long ball up and get him to hold it up' type player.
      I also thought that Dawson did well when he came on (until the obvious) - but then again, I saw and see Dawson as a good player - the same as I saw Robinson as a good keeper and Jol a good manager.
      Confidence is all - building confidence when you're rock bottom is the mark of a good manager. So if Ramos can turn this around it will say more about him and the team than a bland season would have done.

      I didn't like it when Jol went - but give Ramos time - it is not his fault that he got head hunted. I'm not even sure that it was his fault that 10 players went and a half dozen came in.

      30 matches to go - 40+ points? Should be ok if we can get a couple of home wins under our belt.

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      • Morning John. Sorry, I'm gonna have to disagree with you!
        The fact is it is Ramos' fault. He has some very good players there and in my opinion has not used them to the best of their potential. He's consistently played them out of position, in formations they're not comfortable in. It's down to him to get the best out of the players and I feel he has failed - miserably.
        As for the players coming in and leaving, that's down to Comolli and I think he should be first up the road.