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  • Here's the thing. Comolli will go. Levy is in the states at the moment getting his arse kicked, 'cause just at the time when there are a whole bunch of Arabs looking to buy and someone could have made a tidy few hundred mill (Mr Lewis), the club looks like its in crisis and nobody with money is interested in THFC. Talk about bad timing.

    Someone has to be the fall guy, and in this situation it will be Comolli. I must say that he hasn't done too bad a job of bringing players in (paid a bit much for some of them) but his overall aquisitions havn't been bad. I don't think he is to blame for Kean and Berba. I think they had opptions they decided to take up.

    All in all, the Directors have been a bit ametureish in their outlook and expectations, more out of a sense of wanting to do well I imagine, because theres the incentive. They would have made a tidy few bob if it had all gone to plan.

    I think poor old oneday will eventuially get to grips if he's allowed time. Needs to get the common bond going though. I reccomend he takes the squad to his english classes, that might do the trick.

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