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    Club in crisis - what is the solution?

    At this moment in time, it is not much fun being a Spurs fan with the club bottom of the EPL, no win in sight, players injured/suspended & turmoil at managerial/board level & it does not look like this crisis will end anytime soon.

    So what is the solution? Change the manager? get rid of Levy/Comolli? All possiblities!! But at the moment no one can pin-point the exact moment as to when everything went belly-up for Spurs!!

    All we know is we had a great pre-season record winning 8 games and scoring a bag full of goals then bang!!!... the new season starts and it all begins to fall apart.

    There are a lot of doom-merchants out there who are waiting in the wings hoping we'll get relegated and lets face up to reality it is a real possibility that unless we turn things around PDQ it is going to be a bleak season for us!!

    Are we too go to go down? At this moment I have got to say no - unless things change very, very soon!

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    • Just thought i would cheer you boys up with a bit of Maths!!

      IF you have a good season in the prem and qualify for Europe you get around 60 points from 38 games, from a total of 114 points or roughly 1.5 points a game (60/38) Following so far?

      So with 30 games left, if you hit the hights of EU football the average team only gets 45 points from here in the league.

      For arguemnts sake say you have 2 points on the board plus 45 remaining if you play great football. The max this team can score this year is 47 points. Or put another way should you lose you next 2 games this would only leave you with 41 points come the end of the season.

      My point? Well you boys lose 2 of your next 3 games with out a win (Bolton, Arsenal then Liverpool) You are as good as down!! Down by November!!

      Little bit sad I know. But did you know you are so close to relegation?

    • I think I'm with you Essex... I can't see getting rid of him (yet at least) doing any good... but then I can't see that keeping him will either.

      I don't know what to do right now, short of following Harry's lead and sending the whole team to cockney lesson. I do think time's the biggest thing, and I think that'll be what Ramos gets (I reckon he'll get til after the next transfer window). However, there are obviously all those other factors like the stupid formations and lack of smart tactics... God knows.

    • Haha...I ruv u rong time for 5 dorrars Big G (or should that be BiG G.I.?)

      Like I said...if JR turns it around we are all happy...if we lose to Bolton and/or Goons...he goes.....still most of us/you happy.
      (I suspect he will survive a dodgy result against Udinese though)

    • Essex, you use your mouth prettier than a $5 whore!...and you say it with such eloquence! I would keep Ramos tomorrow if I thought any of those things could happen - esp giving the tw*ts up the road a good stuffing AGAIN. I do think that if we lose on Thursday he'll go. If we win Thursday and lose Sunday I reckon he'll go. If we win all of the above and against the botty bandits w*nk myself into a coma!! (If I can find it, I'm a bit chubby y'know!)

    • Hey EY I think he is being given time right now, don't you, I just hope he can turn it around. My biggest worry is he keeps saving Ledley for cup games!!!!!
      Somebody tell Oneday it's more important to stay in the EPL than win cups, although European football should be a requirement of his job.
      He has a squad of players who are not performing to their abilities. I admit he is short on strikers but he didn't win many EPL games last year after the CC win. People blame Berba for unrest but these guys get paid huge amounts to do their job, namely to perform to their best ability for Spurs.
      Dear old Commoli has the backing of Winger at AFC, so that means it can't be his fault at all!!

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      • Whinger is in a no lose situation now that he has given Comolli his backing.

        If he is sacked his departure is not going to change things as far as form etc in the short term so Whinger starts saying it was the wrong thing to do and Spurs have been shortsighted.

        If he stays we get the useless tw4t for a few more months and Whinger hopes he see's us get relegated. Whinger looks a bit silly although he will still say that it was nothing to do with Comolli but he is happy cos we went down.

        If he stays and we start to do well Whinger will say "told you so".

        The only scenario where he might look silly is if is sacked and his replacement has an immediate positive impact and we stay up. That is not likely given that this role is about investing in players for the future not short term impact buys.

        Why can't we get a clever ar$e manager like Whinger?

      • Mayhap I'm being a little cynical but the board may have only given him one target for the season - win the UEFA cup!
        £1m bonus?
        "Do you think that's enough of a target Mr Comolli?"
        "Of course it is Mr Levy - we'd be lucky to win the PL or get into the CL - I mean it's not like we're gonna go down is it?"

    • Im starting to feel like the 'voice in the wilderness' here LOL.
      I dont think Ramos will survive another couple of defeats so I think you lads will have your wish.....OR ...we go and beat Udinese, Bolton and even the 'filth' and suddenly JR starts to look like he knows what he is doing.
      I know my preferred option...and if it doesnt happen Levi will bottle it anyway and sack him......so by my warped reasoning you are in a win win situation....no?
      If JR goes tomorrow say..does anyone think a revival will be instant?.....I know most of you would take that gamble right now and I understand why..........I just think we need to give him a bit longer, we are already the laughing stock of the country (ive even got Birmingham and Plymouth mates texting me jokes every day) so a few more games aint gonna make much difference.

    • Mike - you know my view on most of this. Ramos has to go and the sooner the better. I don't lay the whole blame at his door and actually I think the majority of the blame lies with Levy/Comolli but it's only the manager that can turn things around quickly and on that basis I don't think Ramos is going to do it so he has to go.

      Just a thought but did our pre season form lull us into thinking we were better than we are? Add that to the demoralising effect that the Berba saga had on the team plus losing Keane - well need we say more!

      Either way its going to be a rough ride so hang on tight.

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      • well something has got to happen...i know it is obvious,but we are like a ruddreless ship in a storm....drifting aimlessly along....saying platitudes like'trust in the manager'....'have faith' etc....but ramos seems to lost the plot.....if his selected players don't do it....try the youngsters like o'hara,dos santos,campbell....if 4x5x1 doesn't work try 4x4x2....bent replace with pav and campbell....but he seems stuck in this formation.....the other thing is we can't get fresh blood till jan....by then it might be too late....commolli must go ....and levy change his money fixated attitude....put the club first....not the balance sheet

      • Mike...a couple of things.......first I reckon we are already having a bleak season.. at least league wise and I think the best we can hope for is mid table or just below. So bleak all round considering our pre season expectations.
        Cup wise I have a strange feeling we will do ok (probably wont win one but will progress to latter stages).....but that wont help us get into Europe next season so thats a write off.
        No europe means no big signings....so back to the basics and building from scratch which BMJ started.
        In other words this season will push us back 3 or 4 years and makes a mockery of Levis master plan which he instigated after sacking Hoddle.
        Thats the dissapointing truth for me......not that we are currently having a mare ( ive been through that before) but that we will have to start all over again from scratch with average players etc while watching those cnuts up the road widen the gap...again!
        Of course we could win most of our games from now on and maybe win a cup.........erm yes please....if you wouldnt mind chaps!