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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 22, 2008 15:58 Flag

    Club in crisis - what is the solution?

    Oh Martin, Martin, where are you now?

    The question is chaps, how many more times are we gonna say this? We had a 2 year break where we finished fifth and optimism was in vast quantities. I have no doubt Martin Jol would have turned it round last season given a few more games.
    He's dumped because he apparently had taken us as far as he could.....PAH! What a bleedin' joke. So Mr Levy, Mr Comolli, you've replaced the man who took us to fifth place twice with someone better? Really? Are you sure or do you want to phone a friend Arsene maybe?
    Our problems started after the Carling Cup Final last season. We had nothing to play for except pride (remeber that?) we were already in Europe and had no hope of a CL spot.
    Get Ramos out, give Gus a chance. I do not seriously believe we will be relegated but as has been proved time and time again NO-ONE is too good/big to go down.
    Get Comolli out, we all know theres perfectly good justification for dropping him. Give Gus the reins, let him choose the players he wants to bring in in January, Levy looks after the business, he clearly knows nothing about football other than where his seat is.

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