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  • thegamesgonecrazy.com thegamesgonecrazy.com Oct 22, 2008 17:59 Flag

    Just to make things clear....

    After reading posts here there seems to be a common delusion, a figment of the imagination and a common fantasy if you will, that MJ would come back

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but MJ isn't coming back....... not in a month of Sundays, or indeed for that matter if hell freezes over .

    You got rid of him in the most despicable, underhand and cowardly manner, and from what I can see he is doing rather well without you, obviously the same can't be said of you lot, cup of KARMA anyone?
    with milk, sugar?

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    • Sorry Chaps humble apologies, you were completely right - team selection was the most important thing! unfortunately though at 1-0 down and 20 minutes to go with O-Hara off it looks like Ramos got it wrong - don't worry, every cloud has silver lining, I feel very sure that he won't be there tomorrow - Chin up!

    • Ta for that Blondie, I was saving the word for some such occasion. And with all the profanity around these days wouldn't it be great to see to fellers square up in a pub giving it

      "did you spill my beverage?"
      "Sir, I would never unrefresh said kilderkin"
      "hovever, I am now bereft of ale, kindly perambulate outside"
      "gain thy quietus, you pater familiaris" (nicked from Viz)

      etc etc...

    • Forgive us soppy......when one of your own comes here and trys to rip into Spurs on our own forum ...well the least we can do is repay him in kind.
      The true believers will know that its not personal......after all I may have a few 'spuds' growing in my ears and am prone to the odd 'spurt' now and thenbut I doubt you look at all like a wet piece of spam......................much!! lol

    • Oh yeah, and good use of the word beastly. I don't when I last heard it outside of Harry Potter or Enid Blyton!

    • If (when? - only joking Sop!) you go into receivership we'll take any deflectors - the Yid Army's always recruiting, just without all those rubbish adverts!


    • Bah, you beastly lot!

      If we go in to recievership we're taking you with us (somehow).

      I was going to say good luck in Europe but your behaviour towards West Ham is ghastly.

    • I agree with that Sfer,

      Claret can always console himself with watching tomorrow's episode of Hollyoaks followed by Eastenders.. I'm sure he can find more interesting storylines then watching UEFA cup Football...while we watch the Spurs play against Udinese!!

    • Trust me - picking our best suggested team comes way way higher than having anything to do with your moronic posts Claret. In case it has escaped your notice we have an important game in a European compition tomorrow. Oh sorry I forgot - you don't know what they are do you!

    • I know at wet spam you have it easy with picking a team claret.....you just pick the 11 that are not on crutches....but how else do you put out a team without first 'selecting' them?
      Apart from playing sh*te at the moment we dont have the same long list of drama's to deal with as your lot...so yeah team selection comes very near the top and bottom of our current dilema.

    • Nice try Claret (or shall I call you billy no mates?)
      I think its true what you say about BMJ but we already know this and have discussed it elsewhere so no earthshaking revelations there.
      I know you wet spams have an enormous chip on your shoulder about us ...it would explain why we loom so large in your psyches....but do you really think you lot are much better off in the long run? Youre not exactly lighting up the PL yourselves and when January comes and you have to have a boot sale along with going into administration....well Im not sure if Id rather be in our shoes frankly! Still keep the faith I mean its not like you lot aren't used to mixing with the plebs eh?

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      • Nice reply EY. If the plonker really had been reading the threads on here about BMJ he would know that the supporters were not in favour of him going and wanted him to stay so he should not be having a go at us but at the Board the same as we all are.

        Anyway, given all the trouble at WH I predict a very troubled season and would not be at all surprised to see them struggling to stay in the PL.

        Bet we don't hear from this lonely window licker then eh!