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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 25, 2008 19:57 Flag

    Worst Spurs set up ever..

    Things are looking a bit bleak at the moment.. there are indeed many dark days ahead. I would like to think that if & when we can overcome this current crisis we will be ok but we do not seem to have that particular momentum to get ourselves moving in the right direction!

    There are a few of us out there who are old enough to remember how much it hurt to be relegated in the 1975-76 season, it hurt like hell back then and it is hurting like f**k now!!

    Anyway back to the present... so if we get rid of Ramos who do we get in to replace him? Martin Jol? - thats not really an option as he is happy at Hamburg. Its not always a good idea to replace a manager so early into the season anyway!!

    I personally think that this crisis will eventually end and we will survive... just about, but this season will certainly be no pleasure-cruise for us and any talk of Europe next season will just be a distant pipe-dream!!