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  • Rich110366 Rich110366 Oct 24, 2008 03:08 Flag

    Worst Spurs set up ever..

    As a Spurs Fan I have to say that this current Spurs outfit is the worst I have ever known. The main problem I feel is that it all started when all this Director of Football position came in. What's all that about?? Surley the manager should pick his players and sell them too. The current signings are a total waste of space on top of the existing ones they joined. I say..sack the bloke who is picking these twats and send him to Specksavers!!

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    • Richie,

      I have seen far worse Spurs sides in my 37 years of being a Tottenham fan..

    • Ah good evening Bert,

      At this moment we seem bereft of any idea's and it seems that Spurs don't even have a plan B.

      So I'm afraid to say that unless something drastic happens we could find ourselves adrift at the bottom of the table with out any hope of salvaging the season.

    • Not here to gloat but I think the main problem with Spurs right now is the obvious lack of Plan A let alone Plab B. Whenever the TV camera crew focus on Ramos all I see is a manager short on confidence and clueless about his own tactics. Ramos' selections are becoming strange by the week thereby instilling less confidence in his squad whose confidence are also rock-bottom due to the clubs current predicament. Sadly the damage these strange substitutions and team selections does to the team is massive, Ramos should have had more sense to see that he's throwing a spanner into the works.

    • Gunneresque,

      Your in-depth analysis seems to sum up Spurs performances at the moment in a nut-shell. I don't often agree with you gooners, but you obviously know your football and don't seem to be as biaised towards us as most gooners who visit our message board are.

      When I referred to plan B in an earlier posting, I forgot to say that plan A isn't working either, Spurs performances can be scrutinized until the cows come home, but unless we find the right formula on the pitch we are going to be in for a long season that will ultimately end up in a fight to avoid relegation!!

    • Things are looking a bit bleak at the moment.. there are indeed many dark days ahead. I would like to think that if & when we can overcome this current crisis we will be ok but we do not seem to have that particular momentum to get ourselves moving in the right direction!

      There are a few of us out there who are old enough to remember how much it hurt to be relegated in the 1975-76 season, it hurt like hell back then and it is hurting like f**k now!!

      Anyway back to the present... so if we get rid of Ramos who do we get in to replace him? Martin Jol? - thats not really an option as he is happy at Hamburg. Its not always a good idea to replace a manager so early into the season anyway!!

      I personally think that this crisis will eventually end and we will survive... just about, but this season will certainly be no pleasure-cruise for us and any talk of Europe next season will just be a distant pipe-dream!!

    • Your right Mike S we won't even get in Europe on the Fair Play ticket this year!!!
      I remember the bad times too, first started going in 57/58 season. Went with my big brother and carried an orange box so I could see. On big games used to be passed over the heads to sit on the touchline behind the Paxton Road goal. Oh happy days. Will I see them again??
      Come on you whites, lets bring back McNamara's theme tune.

    • Those were the day's!! I remember first going to WHL aged about 11 years of age on my own with a few friends.

      It was a unique experience getting up on Saturday morning, having breakfast then setting out about 11 o clock to get to Tottenham about 1:30!

      In those days you could enter the Paxton Road end and walk all the way round to the Park Lane end without leaving the ground, I used to stand near to the floodlight tower between the Paxton & Worcester Avenue.

      After the game, we used to go with a few of the older lads into the Spurs Supporters Club at Warmington House for a few glasses of coke or lemonade ( not being old enough to drink ).

      Yep, those far off days seem such a long time ago now!!

    • You nostalgic old sod!!! I stood up on the shelf in line with teh Paxton Road end penalty area once I started going on my own. Got the 144 bus from Turnpike Lane and walk down WHL.
      Times were much different then. I came down for the AS Roma game and parked in the car-park off Paxton Road. It took 1 hour 45 minutes to get back to the Great Cambridge Road that afternoon. They wouldn't let us out of the car-park for 35-40 minutes. But I'm not sure I'd want to park in the streets nowadays. Can remember having kids ask me if I wanted them to look after my car back in the 70's. Not sure it would be safe now.
      What happened to the team who played in black shirts against Roma that day? Thought they looked a good outfit. Wish they all played for Spurs!!!!

    • Longtime, I may be a nostalgic sod, but things were great in those days!!

      I have had a Spurs season-ticket now for about 25 years, I still remember all the Spurs legends of the early 70's that have graced the hallowed turf at White Hart Lane players like Alan Gilzean, Martin Chivers, Alan Mullery, Martin Peters, Glenn Hoddle & Stevie Perryman just to name but a few.

      Great names, great players & great times!! - you may well remember a few more seeing you have been around a few years more then me...LOL!!!

    • You are right when comolli came in , and started bying player behind Jol's back ,
      Martin Jol was done!!
      Jol was in the 1960th, as a player like Tony Adam's
      I have seen him playing many a time ,for ADO latter
      FC Den Haag. and he scared the s&&t ,out off a lot off
      forwards (atack)!!
      A manager can't do his JOB , with other people interfering all the time.
      Dividing responsebilty means ( no responsebilety)
      New Castle is in the same position ( Mr Wise )
      Can you see anyone bying a player for {Roy Keane , Sir Alex , Mr Wenger , Mr Harry R to name but a few) without them saying wich(((((( ONE ))))))
      So lets not blame Ramos!!!
      Let's go to the core off problem!!!
      Comolli !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      regards Theo , I am Dutch and live 20 years in London!!!

      I hope they make it ( what will London Football be Without Game's like (Westham - Tottenham ---Aresenal - Tottenham --- chelsea - Tottenham)

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