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  • Nick Nick Oct 24, 2008 03:10 Flag

    Got to get Ramos out

    He is persisting with a formation he has tried and tried enough times to know it does not work with the players we have.

    He cant get them to play, doesn't know how to line them up and seems to be clueless. Time to go. Really, 99% of the spurs fans on this board could do a better job im sure of it.

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    • sorry misread you comment. yes it does support keeping your DOF and getting rid of ramos. but i still feel you dont need a DOF buying payers when ramos has the experience to no what he wants.

    • QUOTE FOM NOT_ BLONDE i agree with you Devilfish, but your argument there supports keeping Comolli and getting rid of Ramos - saying Comolli's got us quality players but Ramos can't get them to perform.

      if you read my comments again, i said in context. get rid of your dir of football and not ramos.

      ramos is experienced enough to buy the players. why do you need a DOF to do this. this is like newcastle. wise is doing all the dealings/ transfers ,letting good players go, and buying players that keegan did not want.

      it just proves that when jol was there, he was not in complete control as well.

      but he did make progress.

    • Think he has a toblarone for a football boot when he shoots!

    • i think you need to get rid of a job in your club that you dont need, thats a dir of football. its not working. you cant blame the manager. its all down to your players. look at what you have. top quality players. but for the life of me. i cant see where your going to get a win. theres something wrong somewhere. i just cant put my finger on it. you need to beat bolton sunday . you cant draw. as you have us, arsenal then liverpool. and also coming up some tough games.