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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 24, 2008 16:48 Flag

    Was it really that bad?

    Are Udinese a top Italian team? Or are they a 'Hull', playing well and in a good league position but will probably be lucky to be there halfway through the season.
    The reason I'm saying this is because I think they a re a slightly above average team but every time they went forward they looked threatening. Good distribution, good running off the ball, good vision. Yes they made a meal out of every tackle but it won them free kicks and obviously the penalty.
    Now compare that to Spurs, laying off, no pressure/closing down, panic passing. Kick and hope football. Bale epitomised the whole lack of confidence when he sliced that clearance.
    Bent cannot hold the ball up, he's a tall fella and should be picking up clearances, goal kicks and long balls - he rarely wins a header. Totally agree with Essex, he's a complete waste of £16m.

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    • I agree John...we can only call it as we see it......and thats probably why none of us are top flight managers lol.
      I got frustrated with Bales dead ball work an general lack of confidence so he got on my list. Hutton I like.. but last night the attackers had him for dinner.
      The rest of them are not good enough for a Spurs challenging for top honours ..yes I know that seems a long way off but it will always be if we keep hoping that the likes of Jenas, Lennon and Bent are suddenly going to come good......you cant be on the fringes of greatness for 5 - 10 f*cking years...you either make it or you dont!!
      Talking of Bent.....what about that lame header in the first half when even my 8 yr old son would have chested it down and blasted it into the net? FFS ..Ive defended him in the past but I was SO wrong.

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      • I just don't think you can pick out individuals in cases like this. The WHOLE team lacks confidence.
        The same occurred at the start of last season, and suddenly people were saying that players who got two 5ths in a row were crap. No.

        Bent has scored three. If he carries on like that he's on for 15 goals - and that is with crap service. He did the same with Charlton. He isn't a Berbatov or Keane though - so the team has to adjust to his strengths. He didn't put the 16mil price tag on himself - so he can't be blamed for being over priced - the fact that THFC wanted to pay that price is not his fault either.

        Once a team plays with confidence (and they know each other and the way they play), then they look far better then they are. Look at Hull - I don't believe for one second that they have a better team than us - and I think if their manager could have swapped his whole squad for ours he would have done at the start of the season. But now they believe in themselves and they're playing above themselves.

        Its like a 'feel the force Luke' moment - the more our players 'try' to play better - it won't come. It has to come naturally from an inner belief that they can play well.

        IMHO you get consistent results from a consistent team that stems from consistent management and consistent team selection (subject to forced changes). The management stability was supposed to stem from the director of football (ie even if the manager goes, there in continuity with him, and if he goes, there is continuity through the manager)...but that doesn't appear to have worked - as swapping out a team of players and pulling in a half dozen as soon as Jol goes, doesn't smack of a long term team plan to me.
        I say it again - last season, the only thing between us and the bottom of the league was K & B and the fact that they were on fire as a partnership. Lose that, and at the same time change the core of the team and I personally think they were asking for trouble.

        I am in two minds here - as I haven't agreed with how Ramos has changed the team around, who he selects and when... but I don't think that constantly swapping the manager works either. I still think Jol was the man - but that is history. Is Ramos the man? I'm not sure - his record over the past year is very poor - so it's not just 8 games. But, I think the board have a different view - as (see the other post re points this season) if we don't start winning soon, we won't be able to get ourselves out of this - so I think their decision will be made based on the result against Bolton.