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  • Jlock Jlock Oct 24, 2008 16:17 Flag

    Was it really that bad?

    Maybe I saw a different game, but for a good proportion, I thought we had it.

    The same problem though - confidence. Gomes gives a stupid goal, then the team seems to collectively say '..well, that's it then...we need to fight...' then the rash tackles start as they think that fighting means kicking people...then when that doesn't work they start to fade. The team we have (as the song goes) aren't fighters - they're creative - so to expect Modric or Lennon or Jenas or Bentley...or...to play out of character is a recipe for disaster.
    So have faith in good football - but start getting the ball forward quicker. Try giving Bent the supply he wants - the ball between the defenders that he can run on to, the decent cross to the six yard box - not a hoof out defence and expect him to hold it up like a Berbatov.

    Hutton looked ok, Bale did until he lost it 2nd half (they slammed his free kicks - but we've all seen games where old golden balls has done the same), O'Hara ok, Lennon OK (when he got the ball, but needs to track back more), Modric started well and faded. Jenas average. Gomes - confidence shot. Bent ok - works, but supply not there.

    But still 10men for 35 minutes against a top Italian team?

    How Ramos gets the belief back in the team I don't know - but that is what he is paid for - and as I said in a earlier post, this situation will tell you (and him) far more about the players he has, than a 'mediocre mid table throughout the season' season

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    • Apart from the stupid penalty I though Gomes had a good game and made some cracking saves.
      However here is a list of players that I thought were sh*t on the night (some I think are sh*t all the time but thats another debate)
      Bale - seemed scared to death
      Hutton - ponderous and erratic
      Akotto - was he playing?
      Zokora - just goes backwards or sideways
      Jenas - faded again
      Lennon -predictable and no finished product - a defenders dream
      Bent - waste of money

      Modric, Dos Santos, Ohara, Woody, King all tried hard and deserve praise for effort.

      Only 2 of those in my first list do I want to see at Spurs in the future.

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      • Are Udinese a top Italian team? Or are they a 'Hull', playing well and in a good league position but will probably be lucky to be there halfway through the season.
        The reason I'm saying this is because I think they a re a slightly above average team but every time they went forward they looked threatening. Good distribution, good running off the ball, good vision. Yes they made a meal out of every tackle but it won them free kicks and obviously the penalty.
        Now compare that to Spurs, laying off, no pressure/closing down, panic passing. Kick and hope football. Bale epitomised the whole lack of confidence when he sliced that clearance.
        Bent cannot hold the ball up, he's a tall fella and should be picking up clearances, goal kicks and long balls - he rarely wins a header. Totally agree with Essex, he's a complete waste of £16m.

      • Essex,
        See we all see different things.
        I thought Hutton/Lennon worked the right ok - but when Lennon was switched left to make way for Johnny Two Saints, he hardly had a kick.
        Modric I thought started really well (and I thought he was going to grab the game by the scruff of the neck), but then seemed to do a Jenas. Jenas - well, I really thought he'd turned the corner at the end of last season, but...

        Gomes made a couple of good saves - but one was definitely because he was out of position - so could have given a second goal away. He flapped at crosses, and that 'juggling' episode was a farce.

        Bale - started really well - good in midfield, but it was all but that he could hear the 5 commentators and as soon as they said his dead ball kicks were poor, took a confidence nose dive.

        Zokora - I think he tries, but he does seem to lack 'vision' (but having said that, so have the complete midfield since the start of the season). I didn't think he was as bad as the commentators said - but you obviously did.

        To me it just seems we have a defence, we have a midfield and we have an attack - its just that they don't always play together. It just doesn't look like a team at times (last night it did for a good proportion of the 1st half) and the ten men at Stoke did for a while. But it has to be 95minutes each game.

    • YES IT WAS!