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  • Anthony Anthony Oct 24, 2008 18:17 Flag

    Leave Ramos to do his job!

    I dont blame Ramos, fair enough that his team selections are suspectable and I believe he should play a 442 formation but the players that he has, many being the signings of the board have just seemed to have lost the ability to play football! No matter how bad a manager is it should still be expected that a professional footballer can do the basics such as pass a ball to a player in the same colour shirt, make a tackle and hit the ball on target when in a good position all of which Spurs are not doing at the moment! I think the people to blame are Levy and Commoli, they are the ones that have sold our best players, they are the reason we missed out on the signings which we all wanted in the summer such as Arshavin (reason being is that Levy would not adjust his wage structure to sign him, same with Milito) and they are also the ones that got rid of Martin Jol who lets all face it was the best manager we've had in a long time. The fact is Commoli needs to go, and I would also like to see a rich foriegn investor come in with an offer Levy cant refuse so he gets off too cos we dont need to people like these bringing our team down!

    Also if Commoli did go it may bring some confidence back to Ramos which could then maybe be reflected on the teams confidence as that is where our main problem lies at the moment.

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    • Ok, so you dont blame Ramos but think the team he fields is wrong, his formations are wrong and his tacktics are wrong??

      Hmmmm, sounds to me like you think he is doing everythinig wrong and you SHOULD be blaming him!

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      • Did you even read the message?! I didn't say they were wrong I said they were suspect, or do you want me to put it in a language you can understand?? I said the people that have done wrong are Levy and Commoli. The fact is we're stuck with the team we have now until january at least so what good is changing a manager going to do? It would still be the same team on the pitch that Ramos is putting out who have all been playing well below the standard that they are capable of.

      • and if a new owner did come in I think Ramos would be feeling even more nervous than he does now not more confident.

        Only the manager can get the best out of the team and Ramos isn't and doesn't look like he is going to.

        Ideally it would be wholesale change and get rid of all three but, as I have said on other threads, it is only the managers job that can make a short term difference and we desperately need that so Ramos is first on my list.

    • Appreciate what you are saying. I am not wholly convinced with the theory that Levy and Comolli are the only ones that decide who to buy and sell. No manager in his right mind would put his job and reputation in the hands of non football men. If they do, and if Ramos has, then they are weak and only in it for the money.

      I think Ramos has some, if not all, say in who they buy and sell although I think the Berba sale was inevitable and Keane wanted to go to Liverpool so not much choice on either of those.

      The Board have done some really stupid things and not bought (or sanctioned the buying of) some very poor players. They did not act quickly enough to buy players in the right positions when we needed them and they certainly have not endeared them selves to the suporters. BUT they were the ones that persuaded Ramos to come to WHL in the first place so how much more confidence can they show they have in him? No I'm sorry Ramos has lost the confidence of the players and that will never come back.

    • First, Levy Comolli and Ramos are a managment team. I don't buy all this stuff about Ramos having to play players that he doesn't rate or want. That is just an absurd notion. I beleive that he has had a substanial say over what players are in the squad.

      Second, Individual ability in the spurs squad is not the problem. The problem is that they are not working together. That isn't to say they cant just that the current management has not been able to acheive this yet.

      I thought the situation would get better by November but instead it has the look of somthing that is about to implode. The management team don't appear to be standing together, certain players are openly criticising the situation and the worse thing of all is that they are not playing for one another on the pitch.

      Somethings got to give. Someone needs to get a hold of the situation, and quickly.