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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Oct 26, 2008 18:37 Flag

    a serious question......

    which you may view as unlikely seeing as its coming from me, nevertheless, i,ll ask it and hope you give me your answer......

    Congrats on getting harry, i understand why it makes you guys happy, he IS a great manager and proven in the english game, however.........

    what do you think of his style of play?? by this i mean that he was derided in midweek for using the long ball and was accused of being tactically and technically inept in europe, with no understanding of tactics employed by teams on the continent, i will point out, this is not my opinion, but i did read this only this week and seeing as tottenham is a club supposedly built on "playing the beautiful game" how does it stand with you if you are turned into a bunch of long ball merchants, a way of playing which i believe you once derided arsenal for.

    i hope you answer in a sensible fashion, i believe it is something spurs fans need to think about.

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    • ha! you do make me laugh sfer, how the fuck do you think i was "hurt" by you calling me gay etc and pressing your ignore button??? fraid not fella, but if you wish to believe it you may, no skin off my nose, that REALLY is one of the most entertaining posts i have read! it was YOU pressing the ignore button, NOT me, and you have the front to say you "got to me" nah mate, you would have to try a WHOLE lot better than that, i,m telling you, i,m wetting myself with laughter at that post! cant wait till me mate see,s it. many many thanks!

    • When you first appeared on here you were saying some real nasty things - not at all funny - just purile cr4p. Some of us responded in kind and you sudenly came out with "lets all look forward to a great game" type comments.

      You can say all you like that you weren't hurt and that we didn't get to you but we all know different don't we Flabby.

      Anyway. don't knock it. If it has helped you become more "human" then that is something to be happy about isn't it!

      If you ever read any comments that I put on on the Ar4e board you will see that A) they are generally complimentary about the way Ar4e play football and B) they get genuine, real opinions in reply from sensible Ar4e supporters. Live and learn Flabby. A bit of light pi$$ taking can be really funny and I think you have found your balance on that now so fill yer boots. We will tomorrow (hopefully!)

    • ''i never "give it" just before a a derby game, that would be suicidal''........hmm...not only a twa* but a p*ssy too!

      You mustn't confuse being called a tw*t as some kind of badge of honour furbygas.......despite what they tell you down Ar5ena1 way! Neither must you confuse your posts with 'giving us hell'...that is the funniest thing you have claimed so far.......well done Ive finally found a post of yours funny.

      So we welcome you back whenever you have the b*lls to return...you're a harmless plaything and we couldnt possibly take anything you say seriously (so that bit of your advice was well placed).

    • p.p.s. dont confuse my recent subdued nature with a change of heart, i never "give it" just before a a derby game, that would be suicidal. whence the fact i think you lot are gonna spank us erm......5-1 ;)

    • sorry fella, u got me all wrong, i,ve always taken the pee outa meself fer one thing, just read through old posts, and if you really think you have "got to me" and that i am "hurt" well.......oh dear, you really, really couldnt be further from the truth and i dont know what you think you may have said that would of got my goat, but you failed miserably, you only made yerself look silly resorting to personal abuse in my opinion,it shows lack of substance to your arguments and REAL immaturity,still yer welcome to your opinion of me and can speculate on my life all you wish,you have no clue, yeah ive given you lot hell and you have done yer best back, but just because i wish for a good game tomorrow and commented on redknapp doesnt change a thing, its a wierd situation, the redknapp one, because i actually like the guy and liking anything spurs feels wrong, there certainly is no "friendliness" towards spurs coming from me and like wise has never been any real unfriendliness directed towards you posters, i dont know you and you guys are probably alright in person yer just support a crap team and its fun taking the pee out of you, i just wish for a good game and that we ALL enjoy it, you take things far too seriously sfer, its only entertainment dont yer know and i want it to be entertaining, which a spurs v arse game ALWAYS is.

      ENJOY! come on you MIGHTY REDS!

      p.s. wimp??? yeah, ok fella.

    • Do you know what I think has happened here! Flabby has had a Road to Damascus moment.

      When he first appeared he was the rudest, senseless, pathetic figure we had seen on this board for a long long time and we quite rightly gave him the abuse he deserved. Flabby was hurt!

      Some of the things we said about him being a very sad lonely tw4t, and even his own fans on their board wouldnt take anything he said seriously, actually got to him!.

      That is the only reason I can think of that would explain the new sensible, slightly complimentary, self deprecating whimp we are hearing from now. Well I am not sure how long it will last but lets make the most of it while we can.

      Now, all we need is for a great result tomorrow and we will really test Flabby's new found "friendliness" towards THFC.

    • sexx kiddos! (well you started it) sorry to dissapoint but being here thursday morning is impossible for me as i,m not on a comp in the work day, so whether we win draw or decide to be extremely generous to our sorry looking nieghbours on wednesday night you lot will have to get by without me, until i get home in the evening at least, as for me looking a twat, well i am a twat, so that doesnt worry me, same goes for whether or not i get a reply to any post i make be it deemed sensible or otherwise i,m afraid, also i,m not worried about how you guys "interpret" anything i post, why should i be?? that said.....i hope all of you enjoy the game, hope it lives long in our memories, and personally hope arsenal whip yer butts like a blonde dressed as a nazi being paid huge amounts by an F1 boss, by the way i just heard harry has made his FIRST purchase, a crowbar, with a view to jamming 11 yiddish supposed football players into your goal mouth!!! ho ho ho! oh just remembered,........... "after all we havent skulked off and cried into our beers ...." erm, i do believe that is precisely what some of you guys did, and i wont deny the fact, that is an option i,ll probably take myself, i,m no masochist, even though it seems some of you guys are! good luck, its gonna be GREAT entertainment, enjoy the game, you lot have EVERY chance of winning, no sarcasm there i promise, you do, as you have done in EVERY derby match, that is what makes em SO special!

      much love!

      flabby old grasssssssssss

    • well considering you(goons) play "lovely football" its got you f**k all trophies in the last three years or so. Besides I really dont care how Harry gets us out the sh*t. long ball will do me. And if tomorrow we stick 10 behind the ball and stick one up front just to get a bore draw, again this will do.

      Hows my fashion sense? Do you like my t-shirt?

    • Fatty*ss, I expect you back in here bright and early on Thursday morning IF you lose!.
      Anything else and you will seriously look a twa*.
      I know that doesnt bother you much but seeing as you have dished it out for weeks the least you can do is be man enough to take it............thats if you want us to keep replying to your 'im wearing my serious head today' threads.
      Im sure we could accept your interpretation of 'banter' a little more if you proved you could swallow your own medicine!
      After all we havent skulked off and cried into our beer these last few weeks have we?
      What do you say?

    • fabongrass has been abducted by aliens and has endure the anal probe...then returned to our fold asking "normal...semi-serious" questions of his sworn and hated enemy...I smell a rat...especially with an upcoming fixture looming with said enemy (us).

      You have raised some good points (ompey got a free pass on us last thursday, Their away loss was worse than ours, but I didn't see any headlines bleating this out...and now we have their manager...YIKES!!

      While everyone's agreed that a change had to be made or at least was on the near-horizon, we can't all get all liquored up in celebration like Harry's the Second Coming (of who...Billy Nick?... not likely!).

      I've never questioned Harry's technical ability nor whether or not he's strong tacticly...I have marveled at how he can motivate the cream out of his players, and I've said in other posts (alright, one post) that one of Ramos's biggest drawbacks seemed to be his people skills (not just the players, but eh press also). I saw him speak English at one interview and it wasn't too bad. This led me to beleive that while he could communicated, he was loathe to speak English...for whatever reason. Anyway, the players kept a united front (wit the odd one breaking the ranks and giving us insight to what was really going on in the dressing room...Bentley and Woodgate being the more vociferous types (vo-wot!...sounds like a type of tree!).

      Anyway, it'll come to pass in the coming weeks and months if harry plays his horses for courses or does the same thing no matter who his stallions are.

      Now will you aliens give us our fabongrass back, I need some one to hurl abuse at!!

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